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FEW THINGS CAN UPDATE A WARDROBE FASTER than a few very trendy accessory pieces.  Choose a new piece of jewelry, or a fashionable scarf.  Stay classic with black or go trendy with turquoise.  However you decide, match your new pieces to the newest, the latest in accessories for a truly transformational wardrobe look.  Here are a handful of the latest trends working their way through the fashion field now:


PAVE JEWELRY: Updated with a definite modern touch, this classic style is shaking up the jewelry field with brand new ideas and inspirations.  Pave balls are particularly hot, as earrings, rings, and jewelry pendants.  Look for clear pave for very dress up occasions, but for everyday and evening wear…WOW! … the look is color all the way.  Ruby-luscious colored pave big ball rings set in gold plate is an eye stopper.  So are ball rings and earrings in turquoise pave, real or faux. Colored pave bangle bracelets also ring in high on popularity charts, especially in mixed colors.


LEATHER COVERED JEWELRY:  This is really exciting!  We’ve been talking about darker jewelry in our most recent blogs, and now the idea comes through with real pizzazz when the dark color is helped along, or established, by leather. Yves St.Laurent has terrific looking long drop earrings made up of four black leather-covered cabochons.  A necklace of very large chain covered in ebony black lambskin from Natalia Brill is very NOW.  And try some more of this hot look:  A very Egyptian-looking pendant made up of leather covered metal with gold plate outer rim; a leather covered woven bangle bracelet striped with gold plate.


ETHNIC SILVER:  It’s exotic. It’s wild.  And it really defies description as it covers a broad range of ethnic expressions. You can call it tribal, but tribal what?  India-Indian?  American Indian?  Mexican? African? Think of tooled silver mixed with silver chain for the basic piece of jewelry.   Then hang off a whole bunch of mostly silver coins.  Or rings.  Or little silver squares.  Clump all of that together and let it hang down from little silver circles for earrings, or drop down to form a necklace.  It’s the kind of thing you might see on a Turkish belly dancer.  Or an Indian Maharini.  Very dramatic!









ANIMAL PRINTS: Grrrrrr!  Elephants printed on dress material.  Paw prints on a blouse.  Doggies on a T-Shirt. Kittens on a scarf. Or, endangered wildlife emblazoned on tote bags (as those from World Wildlife).  You just can’t get any more IN.  This is a decidedly preppy look, the kind you see in and around New York’s ritzy South Hampton.  You might want to take the animal look beyond prints, and see it made up into some serious or fun jewelry, like the Scotty dogs on Tiffany’s hot silver charm bracelet, or big cat images in gorgeous pins like the Duchess of Windsor made famous.


INFINITY SCARVES:  These charming little no-tie scarves fit around the neck almost like a choker, giving an elegant look while keeping you cozy at the same time.  They come in an endless array of prints and materials, running from silky smooth circlets of silk to thick woven cashmeres or even furry warm collars.  You can find them in sexy black onyx or trendy purple, in black and white herringbone or Scottish plaids.  Whatever your choice, these scarves are a thorough delight and a whole new direction in accessory trends.


SUEDE BOOTS:  Sure, you love shiny black leather, but this is the year for suede!  These newest of the new boots stretch up to the knee and beyond, are almost always a very dark color, and were born to be worn with leggings or skin-tight pants.  Their main appeal (besides looking great) is that they make your legs look long, long, long!  Oh, yes.  The heel.  Well, of course they aren’t flat. In fact they are high, very high. And the toe?  Super-pointy.

   –Add long-suffering to your list of personal characteristics! 


HAND (CLUTCH) BAG:  If you’re still in love with valise-sized bags, that’s OK, but you must get a smaller, daintier, more feminine little bag for Autumn this year.  The new bags are small to very small (slightly larger than a wallet), rectangular in shape, and really do go anywhere, anytime, morning until night.  Colors here are often quite bright, like brilliant emerald green or fire engine red, or slippery black.  Some are tooled leather.  Many are patent leather.  A few are rich materials, often with embellishments, like crystals or studs.  They are dramatically easier to carry than those over-load handbags designers have been feeding us, and they even look better, too!


LITTLE CHARMS:  These fun-loving pieces run in direct opposition to the large statement pieces we’ve lived with for many months now.  They come in a wide variety of shapes, are sometimes just an etched metal, and other times, richly embellished designs.  Think about a small little bow.  Or a tiny posy.  Or a happy face.  Work with pave. Jazz it up with a few streaks of gold plate. Dangle the charms from a chain bracelet or let them drop down from a gold-braid necklace. Latch onto retro, here, too.  Like slithery snakes. Or the eternally romantic heart.  Get one, or get a dozen. 







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