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TREND CHECK:  Resort 2010 is shaping up to be soft and feminine with plenty of gentle, neutral colors, see-through materials, vintage laces, girlie minis and shiny short-shorts.  A fun bracelet for resort by Sequin features a circle cluster of tan and brown beads, very simple yet strongly present.  Look for lots of airy, lightweight clothes and accessories to fill in this look beautifully. 


WHAT’S A POP-UP STORE?   Rachel Roy will open a pop-up store in New York’s trendy Soho, timed to correspond with the start of New York’s Fashion Week.  It will feature the entire Rachel Roy collection, from clothes to accessories, including handbags, footwear, and jewelry.  Just in case you don’t know what a pop-up store is:  It’s a temporary retail enterprise (this one is almost 2,000 square feet and is expected to remain open for only 10 days or so) aimed at giving customers a quick but complete idea of what a brand is all about.. 

   Roy says she expects to be in the store to react with customers regularly.  “What’s special about pop-up stores is that due to the short-lived nature, I am able to fully devote myself and interact with my customers on a daily basis.”  Roy plans to open pop-ups in other cities after New York; for now, a percentage of sales from the Soho store will go to the charity, New Yorkers for Children.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK — A REAL GEM!  The famed and fabulous jeweler Harry Winston plans on doing a brand new jewelry collection called Made in New York, and inspired by the city’s landmarks such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s modernistic Guggenheim Museum and the “vintage” art-deco Chrysler Building.  The pieces will be anything but recession-worthy, expressing the power and savoir faire of New York City in diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

    Apparently the idea came from the firm’s design vice president, Sandrine de Laage, who is headquartered in Paris, following a number of intercontinental trips to New York.  “All the energy and creativity inspired me,” de Laage says. The Guggenheim piece is a pendant design with a swirl of pave diamonds. The New York Sunset series contains a necklace of graduated sapphires divided by diamond baguettes. 

    —You might call the Winston collection a sophisticated play on souvenir jewelry, which has been a source of thriving sales for retailers for many years.    








DARK FLORALS:  Coming on for Autumn, a fabulous look in deep florals set against a dark and intense background.  The story takes it from jaunty, British-looking tops down to blossoming skirts and even shoes done in black-background floral prints.  Handbags look particularly handsome in the floral patterns!  Adding to the non-stop blossoming binge: Statement necklaces of pretty flowers, some enameled, some in gold- or silver-plate.  Dynamite!


SKY-APPEAL:  Like to fly off to a South Sea island paradise?  Well, whether for real or in fantasy, the latest aviation story making its way through the fashion world is sure to help you along.  Think of aviator sunglasses.  Pilot-smart wrist watches.  And, maybe best of all, airplane themes in jewelry.  We’re silly for a miniature plane dangling at maximum altitude (– or around your neck!) taking you to magical places.  Don’t forget that skinny white pilot scarf…very Amelia Earhart.


MODERN HARDWARE:  Get into the Industrial Age!  We still call it modern, but these beauties really bespeak of shapes and designs of 100 years ago or more, just now making their way into the jewelry field.  They are sleek, hard, handsome, and they fit the present day design mystique wonderfully.  Cuff bracelets that are smooth metal-plated fit the bill perfectly.  So do big, circular or squared-off bands, preferably in silver-plate.  








OUTER-SPACE ADDICTION:  You can’t get too much of the latest space-craze in fashion accessories. The looks are hot, exciting, very into-the-blue in a rocket-fast sort of way. Robert Lee Morris has a wonderful chunky silver-bead choker that would give space-station élan to any outfit.  Then, there’s a terrific Swarovski crystal, rhodium, and Lucite bangle by Bittar, literally pulsating with moon-beam vibes. Outfits like those from Calvin Klein for Spring of this year are only missing that big glassy space helmet to make them moon-ready.  Add Tom Binn’s sterling silver necklace, some rhodium-plated rings, and you’re ready to blast off.  The look couldn’t be more exciting!



TEEN POWER:  A new survey of teen buying habits shows that they are still buying, especially in malls, but they are more quality conscious and expect more for their money.  A report by New York-based Scarborough Research and Arbitron, a media and marketing firm, showed that in the 12 to 17 year age category, all the teens had visited a mall within the previous 30 days.  Fifty-six percent spent more than $50 on their last visit, while 29 percent spent $100 or more. A Scarborough executive said that for teens:

     “It’s socially important for them to be at the mall.  Looking good is important to them.  Looking attractive is important to them. While buying an accessory or item of clothing might be frivolous to an adult right now, to a teen it is still socially important to have those items. “                  


Financial reports from teen stores like Aeropostale prove out the survey.  The specialty store chain reported a climb in sales of nearly 19 percent last year.  This year, sales rose 19 percent in May and 20 percent in April.


Some important points for retailers to note: nearly three-fourths of the respondents said they go to the mall to shop. Over half go to eat.  About half go to socialize.  And some 40 percent go for entertainment, in the form of movies and video games.  Adding some of those elements to a free-standing store might boost teen sales, as well!


The study also looked at the power of mall marketing on teenagers.  95 percent of teens said they noticed any form of mall marketing.   68 percent spent more than 2 hours at the mall per visit.  And 75 percent visited the Web sites of mall stores.  And, on a further UP note, 61 percent said they’ll spend more when the economy improves!

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