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WE’VE TALKED ABOUT METAL many times before, but now it is getting a whole new look, paired with unexpected materials and turned into trendy, hip combinations that are exciting to see, super-fashionable to wear. 


And we’re not just talking about silver and gold.  We’re talking about metal…bronze, rhodium, aluminum, you name it. From shiny zippers dotted with crystals (Wow! Are they big) to metallic materials and silver-dotted shoes:  Intense metal is the look of the day.  It is so hot, you might say the fashion world has been infected with a wild metallic madness.  It spreads.  It’s contagious.  And everybody wants it!


Robert Cavalli has a wild-looking moon boot design on the market, made of black fur with straps of silver grommets and silver buckles, silver heels and toes. The boots glimmer.  A black stone bubble ring with criss-crossed metal strips overlay is a signature look for NOW. And, check out Dior!  Among other things, the firm has a dynamite looking pair of big black plastic sunglasses with silver returns boasting the company’s name. Very chic.


Then, there are David Yurman’s dog tags, color-hot.  Meant for men but sure to be bought and worn by women, these great looking necklaces are a long way from the plain matte silver tags that have been the field for so long.  In rare green and orange turquoise, red dino bone and Picasso Jasper, these dog tags hang from interesting, rich metal cord-like chains. 






  • Horse pendant and earring set in silver plate always arouses admiration!


                                                 Dark Metal


DARK METAL IS ANOTHER HOT LOOK of the day, growing increasingly more popular as we lean toward cooler months.  Burberry features a long and large dark metal chain necklace in one of its recent ads. Giorgio Armani features rows and rows of dark metal beads on black metal chain casually strewn around the neck of one of his famous models.  This is a gorgeous look, but not for everybody!  It is very urbane, and the wearer needs a personality to fit it.



                                The Big Metal & Leather Pairing


METAL AND LEATHER make a riveting combination.  A cuff bracelet by CC Skye features brilliant blue leather and gold pyramid squares.

   —For a truly offbeat leather and metal combination, very bondage, don’t miss the leather body harness by Fleetilya, complete with metal attachments and worn over a viscose stretch hooded catsuit by Narciso Rodriquez.  Adding to the Prince of Darkness look: black leather boots with metal-buckled straps, by Prada. 


WEARING METAL ON LEATHER is another way to go.  Vogue Magazine this month features a black Marc Jacobs belt jazzed up with a space-age looking gold brooch.  Very sophisticated!


Elle Magazine features metal in a number of their fast City fashion rundowns:  In Los Angeles: a leather and metal cutout vest by Society for Rational Dress (we don’t get that!) In Paris:  a hot  black leather jacket with metal grommets and zippers. In London:  a calf leather bag with silver embellishment, and a very hot wear-it-out body suit in soft white with silvery metallic embellishment strips. In New York: a brass and leather belt from Pamela Love for Zac Posen.  An other-worldly leather and draped cotton tulle dress with leather belt, all by Rodarte.


                                             Beauty Pageant


Even beauty people are getting in on the metallic act.  From Givenchy comes a collection of pink and purple eye shadows with a shimmering silver finish.  They glitter, they aren’t while we’re here, don’t miss all the blushers and bronzers on the market now, most of them boasting metallic finishes for the skin to make it young, fresh, glowing. 


You see, it’s the LOOK. It is hard, yes, but also softened by design. Think of metal with suede, or fur, or satin, or velvet.  That’s not really biker-sharp. The look is also very glittery, even glitzy, but of a certain type.  It’s not at all the same glitz we saw last year.  This is a less feminine, not at all romantic, and a lot more Big City incisive.  




  • Crystal brooch finds garden inspiration creating a flower motif with textured metal sprigs and sparkly crystals forming a mum-like blossom.



  • Layered necklace set features stations of ivory faux pearl in three layers of handsome silver tone link chain.  Metal-gorgeous!
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