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                                          Rings on my fingers

                                          Bells on my toes

                                          Elephants to ride upon

                                          My pretty Irish rose…   


      –That’s what they were singing way back at the turn of 20th Century, and things haven’t changed so much, at all.  Here we are more than a hundred years later and the idea of “rings on my fingers” is hot, trendy, and even sounds new!  In the new ring fashion trend, the look is strictly “multiple” all the way.  A ring for every finger.  Or for most of them.  But, it doesn’t stop there. 


NOT ONLY ARE RINGS being worn on several (or all) fingers, now they are being worn in multiples on a single finger, as well.  Like an opal ring with a very thin leather-like ringlet worn above it on the same finger.  Or several skinny little silver rings on the same finger.  Or a gold band with a cabochon topaz ring worn below it.  Again, on the same finger.  Think plentiful.


As for many rings on the same hand – or both hands – well, that’s an idea that has come full circle back into the limelight, too.  If you like pinky rings, you’ll adore this Look, because you can add a ring on the pinky, and still do all sorts of ring-things with the other fingers.  Like adding a handsome, enameled band on the ring finger. 

   —Then, you can balance this all out with a huge ring on the index finger, maybe a strange-looking big gold plated bauble with pointed metallic fingers sticking out, giving it the look and feel of a sea urchin.  This isn’t your usual cocktail ring, by any stretch of the imagination.  But it is WILD!


                                    A Treasure Chest of Jewelry


You need a lot of rings to work with this new kind of finger magic.  But you also need a lot of regular jewelry, too – necklaces, bracelets, earrings – in order to balance things out. 

It’s all part of the “Multiples” rage that is running rampant in fashion now.  Several necklaces.  Numerous bracelets.  Earrings running up the earlobe.  A couple of interesting hair pieces.  Rich.  


A while ago, a really big casual or cocktail ring on the ring finger might have been worn handsomely alone, but now, it looks best when balanced out by another one or two rings at least on the other hand. You might also add a ring on the pinky.  Or the center finger.  Choose the designs carefully so they’ll go well together.  Like a red crystal stone ring with a gold plated etched band.  


                                          Pop Fashion Is Hot


IF THE MULTIPLES LOOK IS NEW to you, you might think of it as “pop fashion,” something only the very young might wear.  But don’t close your mind so quickly. 


The multiple ring look (as well as the multiple bracelet and multiple necklace look) is truly ageless, and can be worn beautifully by young women, middle aged women, even elderly women.


It has to do with the elements of style and how they are combined.  Believe it or not, you can even make multiple rings look conservative!  But, the fashion push will still be there.

   — In fact, moving into multiples is an easy way for women who prefer to wear classic apparel to suddenly get edgy. Think of the “sunglass effect”…it does the same thing! 




  • Three silver-plated rings that can be worn together on one finger give a dynamite fashion look while expressing theological virtues engraved on each – faith, hope, and love.




  • Enameled CZ fashion rings feature cubic zirconium with domed nugget design.   Enameled black or turquoise adds a rich cobblestone look


                                          Anything Indian


CHOOSING RINGS to create a really handsome multiples style takes some work.  You have to put the rings together carefully. Usually, anything with Indian inspiration goes well — American– or India-Indian, they are both riding a high crest of popularity.  Simple, modern rings work handsomely as complementary rings, because they add the dimension of number without compromising style.  Plain rings look good with almost everything.


   –Some rings, however, just don’t work here.  For example, don’t try to combine that pretty little stone ring your mother gave you several years ago.  It just doesn’t have it.  Demure, sweet, diminutive rings are OUT…so don’t try to bring them IN by putting them ON. 


AT THE SAME TIME, the new multiple design idiom can be a very feminine look.  By working the ring colors or styles together, you can wear them with gentle, floral dresses, or vintage 60s or 70s style.  Keep the rings in a modern mode, and you’ll look great wearing them with a hot right-now mini-skirted dress. 


   —This look also works well with more conventional outfits, from tailored slack suits or fitted sheaths, bringing both of these looks into a strongly 2010-image mode. You can wear multiples to the office, to school, to the beach.  Wear the same multiples for a short while, and you can even establish a very personal look.  Something distinctive. Individualized. 


                                           Big Equals Trendy


LOOK FOR STONES THAT ARE BIG, to enhance the trendy effect.  They can be faceted or cabochon, and may have even more stones surrounding them or on the sides.          Note, though:  Fashion is moving very quickly toward big stone rings without additional stone enhancements.  It’s a cleaner, less glitzy look, and is very modern. 


So, if you want more, and want to stay trendy, and don’t want the overdone ring look of yesterday, go the multiple ring route. Add another stone ring.  Or a plain or etched band.  You can wear rings on several or all of your fingers at the same time. Or wear them two-by-two on each finger. You’ll look terrific. You’ll feel terrific.  And, you just might knock all your friends dead!




  • Cubic Zirconia rings with large CZs bordered by smaller stones in silver tone with the rest of shanks in jet black or turquoise blue.  Hot seasonal trend item!




  • Murano style glass rings give hot Italian rings a run for the money.  Dome rings of translucent glass feature rich tinted hues and islands of metallic particles.  Great look with just a touch of glitz!
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