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BRACELETS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HOT, so big, so important to fashion.  Every designer is showing bracelets as an essential component of an overall fashion look.  And what is most significant:  Bracelets are invariably being worn in multiples.  No more a nice, pretty – or should we say wimpy – single little bracelet on one arm. 


                                         OH, NOOOOOO…..


The look now is for many bracelets (we counted them on top runway models, and the average number was 6) on each arm.  That adds up to 12, minimum!  The look usually includes a combination of styles, although the bracelets can be all of one sort, like 6 or 8 plain silver or gold bangles.  Either way, the style is strictly 2009-10.  It is fresh, innovative, and creative. And it always involves many bracelets.  Lots of bracelets. Wow! 

  —Is this a terrific multiple sale item?  You better believe it!  


                                             Exciting and Wild


BRACELETS WORN IN MULTIPLES give an exciting, even wild look to fashion.  The pieces can be anything from Asian to Russian to modern to traditional, mixed or separated in mood and appeal.  You can purchase individual bracelets and combine them yourself, or you can take advantage of the many manufacturers who are offering groupings of bracelets at a single sale price.


If you are particularly creative, you might want to offer special one-of-a-kind combinations to customers who want the trendy look but may not know how to get it on their own.


Here are some ideas for the hippest ways to combine bracelets now:


WOOD AND METAL:  Pile them on! This is perhaps the most popular look in all the fashion world now.  The combination of wood and metal is dynamite, with most of the metal being gold (tone or plated or 14K) against a kind of mahogany-hued wood.  Pick out five or six bracelets, half wood and half metal.  Make the wood bracelets thick, big round bangles.  They can be smooth and polished, or even have an African look (which works well here). Combine them with gold bangles with a plain or maybe hammered finish, but generally make the metal bangles thinner, to balance out the wide wood. 


The new, young actress Alexis Dziena, who plays Kristen Bell’s wingwoman in the new romantic comedy When in Rome, goes crazy with this look, showing off at least 15 wood and metal bangle bracelets on one arm alone. She wears the collection with a colorful orange/brown/blue scarf over a plain black exercise suit. 







  • Silver plated cuff bracelet with Southwest inspiration separates into 3 bands for       a terrific, updated effect.  This is hot fashion at a fabulous price!



                                                 Biker Young


LEATHER AND METAL. This is often a stylish look for the younger set, although you’ll find no small number of costly, even designer-level bracelets sporting this look now. The style basically calls for a large leather cuff with metal embellishment in the form of small metal pieces or strips of metal or even metal grommets.  The look works wonders with the right biker outfit!


GOLD AND ENAMEL. Watch this hottie!  This look is most spectacular when inspired by jewelry from traditional India.  Think in terms of bright enamel blue bangles with Indian embellishments in rich, shiny gold. A real Bollywood look by Tajani involves jingly, Indian style bright blue bangles with gold acrylic embellishment straight out of Bombay. Considering the new Global Look pervasive in fashion now, you can wear these fabulous looking bracelets with anything.


Gold and enamel bangles also make for a wonderful multiple-bracelet look…although the bracelet number should stop at about 6 inches in all.  That’s a comfortable limit for bracelets this bright!


SILVER, SILVER, AND MORE SILVER.  Whoa…there is no stopping this metal when it comes to bracelets.  There are just sooooo many looks out there to mention.  Let’s start with the multiple matte silver bracelet look.  Lots of thin silver bangles, not too loose, worn one after the other, after the other.  All the same bracelet. Wow! 

  —In a very strange way, this is very ancient Roman looking.  Or, you might imagine the bracelets on the wrist of an Irish-Druid girlfriend of a Nordic conqueror.  Pile them on, maybe 8 or 9 at a time!  And fantasize!




  • Multiple bangles in antique gold or silver plate come in a set of eight bracelets ranging from simple to ornate.  Some are plain narrow bands; others feature crystal and/or metal embellishment.  Incredible look, complete all by itself!





WOOD WITH BEADS. This is a somewhat disjointed style, we think, but it is still being seen in top fashion outlets.  It involves two or three wood bangles, fairly sizeable but plain, polished, together with one or two beaded bracelets.  To play down the strange style grouping, it is probably best to keep the beads small, and in the same fashion category as the larger beads, creating a dark wood and maybe tan-colored bead effect. 

                            We’re Gypsies, One and All I Say…


GYPSY FANTASIA.   A collection of bangles in an unconventional grouping of different metals and styles invariably adds up to a great gypsy look!  Were these stolen by gypsy marauders invading your village late one night?  No matter…here they are looking exotic and sophisticated in a way you might never have thought of.  The multiple 4 or 5 bracelets are worn together, often with several rings to heighten the gypsy effect. 

   –Imagine a brass bangle with silver strips, a gold bracelet with pale blue etchings, a medium-width wood bracelet with a little circle hanging off, and one or two thin, plain gold or silver bangles. Generally speaking, all these bracelets should be of different widths, with the exception of the thin bangles, used to balance the whole collection out.


On one hand, these bracelets are all of different styles and mood.  But, at the same time, one design brings attention to the other, heightening the gypsy inspiration for this mélange of design and craft.  Does this make for great mind pictures?  In the outer world, wear this with long ’60s-style dresses for a great vintage look. 

  –Of course, all “thrown together” bracelet looks have a gypsy imprint.  Think of a traditional gold cuff bracelet, etched or with crystals, or otherwise embellished or decorated, together with a sequined gold bangle with small decorative drop offs, together with another gold bangle of medium width with wooden decorative pieces, and a filigree gold piece topping it all off.  (We aren’t sure of how it works, either.  But, it does!)



MEN’S PAVILION:   More and more men are wearing bracelets, too, so let’s not let them out.  Think about pieces that are somewhat more modern; for example, a flat 1/2-inch slice of gold worn together with a thin wooden or leather bangle strip.  These bracelets are generally worn tighter to the skin, not as loose as women’s bracelets, but no less handsome!


Wear them with casual pieces, especially tans and browns for late-summer-fall.  A slightly tough or even blue-collar outfit works well with bracelets, since it allows men to wear jewelry usually reserved for women without compromising their manliness.  (Hey, need we forget that jewelry as personal adornment started with men, not women?  There’s nothing intrinsically effeminate here!)

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