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STILETTO SANDALS:  AND CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.  THE MAGIC MAKER OF THE YEAR! If you aren’t familiar with the name, learn it. This remarkable designer might well be called the man behind the whole new look in women’s shoes.  Sure they are too high.  But oh, they are fantastic. These shoes are brilliantly designed and exquisitely finished.  And just look at how other shoe designers are copying the look! This is a fashion wave, if ever there was one.  Never have shoes been so important a design part of one’s outfit!  Louboutin! 


Beyond the wild and sky high stiletto sandals on the market, here are a number of hot story and item trends shaping the look and experience of Summer 2009.


PRINTED SCARVES:   all kinds of prints, sporting bright colors and beachy feelings.  Go European and wear them around the neck with everything! Wear them as head wraps and look really chic. — This is a dynamite look for beach or boating but, watch it!  You have to learn how to tie those wraps to make them high fashion!


HATS: It’s summer and hats are IN, especially big brimmed hats that look terrific and still keep the sun at bay.  Look for traditional Southern Belle looks in elegant floppy styles, or opt for an offbeat western look with ladies’ cowboy hats in a variety of colors and styles.


                                                  Small Pendants


SMALL PENDANTS:  Swing-y, sexy little chains with interesting small pendants.   Many of the pendants are of unexpected materials, like plexiglas, giving the necklace a light, airy feeling, and working as an interesting counterpoint to the huge statement necklaces on the market now. 









                                            Someplace East of Suez


EASTERN TOUCHES:  Try some vintage Geisha sandals.  Or do up your hair high on the head, Eurasian-style. Even more stylishly, latch on to one of the wonderful obi belts showing off on the high fashion display circuit now. 

   —Look at one from Michael Kors:  A gold python obi sash with bow-like front closure.  Really fabulous!


PRINTS.  Flowers, graphics, kitschy prints…you name it.  Prints with a very spiffy, updated élan.  Black and white prints are especially hot, along with plenty of multi-colored  prints with pops of bright yellow worked through their designs. Appreciate them in totes. Even bracelets and shoes!


COLOR BLOCKING:  Is this the 1980s, coming back into fashion, or what? Look for brilliant color blocking designs for the summer fashion scene and, later in the year, for resort wear.  The inimitable designer, Donatella Versace, is featuring prints with block graphics, baroque patterns and florals. Her little sleeveless Polynesian dress is an unexpected combination of graphic design, block stripe print and soft blue, white and yellow colors.  Her little 80s yellow dress with block yellow and blue print is straight out of the 80s. Charming!


FUN SUNGLASSES:  Off-beat, big sunglasses.  Dark is big, but equally impressive are glasses sporting the newest pastel or bright colored frames. It’s like couture and geek all rolled in one!






  • Satin-plated earrings in silver and gold.  These beautiful shimmering drop earrings are beautifully designed and give the appearance of continuing motion and light refraction.






                                 Sun Drenched and Sea Splashed


GOLD!  Shiny gold.  In hair accessories.  In jewelry.  In belts.  In shoes.  In handbags.   Look for this King Tut-revisited gold standard to show up all over this summer, and to get even more prominent in the cooler months ahead.  Right now, though, shiny gold is as sizzling as the August sun, and looks just as fantastic under it!  No, it’s not replacing silver, it is just glowing richly next to it. 

    —Examples:  Shiny hammered big and long gold bracelet that cuffs over the wrist and runs up the arm.  Worn with shiny gold elongated disc earrings. That’s the look! 

BANGLE BRACELETS:  Bangles, bangles and more bangles.  Almost any style, color, or material will do.  For extra points, though, choose thin silver bangles, worn maybe 6 to 8 at a time, preferably on both arms. Ah…but don’t forget those wild African animal prints.  Or, shimmering gold bracelets for the Midas look. Almost any bracelet will do, just so long as you have plenty of them stacked on the arm, preferably color or metal coordinated.    


                                    United Nations Casual


WORLD TRAVELER:  Fashion just doesn’t make it to the top without important infusions of international designs.  Island life colors from Polynesia. London-hot (but slightly stiff) 80s designs.  Soft and flowing Caribbean influences for beach and night wear.  Put it all together for a very United Nations casual effect, reflecting easy living here…and there.  


SHINE & GLITTER. Look for it in sequins and crystals in jewelry and clothing.  Appreciate it in shiny materials.  This is a look to echo the sun, just right for the beach by day and resort chic living by night.  This is not the glitz of several seasons ago.  It is quieter, more refined, less all-invasive.  The idea is for touches of shine, here and there.

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