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LOUIS VUITTON has it down pat, as usual. The super couturier house is awash with hearts, the big, super trend in fashion NOW.  For just one example, see his gorgeous little dress with black and grey heart appliqués, large and small, very soft and feminine, netted and chiffon-y, in some instances looking like big fabric flowers.  Charming!


But hearts are a hugely popular trend now not just in clothing, but in all kinds of accessories, as well.  They are everywhere. You might call it a major love-in!


IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a hot trend that will fit just about everyone on your customer list, look no further!  Hearts are where it is at. Any kind of heart, any color heart, any size heart.  Because…who doesn’t love them?  Big girls, little girls, young and old all love hearts.








                                            Big Customer Base


HEARTS SELL year in and year out, but sometimes they sell better than at other times.  Like NOW. Fine jewelry makers and costume jewelry makers are both turning their attention to hearts as a real sales activator.


Hearts sell, at every level of the fashion industry.  Take watches, for example.  Bulova has just introduced a radiant new winding mechanical watch with round face and link chain band featuring several beautiful hearts (one diamond pave) on the face. As for sunglasses, Gucci has applied finely carved hearts to the side of their big, trendy super-chic shades. It’s a rage!


The message is, simply, that designers are, as always, in love with hearts.  Take Roger Vivier’s chunky brass necklace with huge hang-off hearts, a centerpiece for his recent accessories party.  Or, his charming little black evening bag with big brass heart closure. Or, his racy hot pink super high heeled satin and patent shoes with large heart and bow jewel embellishments.


These are just a few of the endless variety of hearts coming onto the marketplace, some as separate jewelry pieces, others as adornments for dresses, coats, handbags, and even shoes.  And the delightful thing is, they fit everyone and everything.



  • Stunning silver plated spring fashion brooch with heart-shaped simulated stone crowned with lacey filigree and sprinkled with sparkling crystals. Choose from a variety of colors.




  • Cupid pin in rich pewter finished with red enameled hearts. Sweet!







                             Intensely Trendy


IT’S NOT THAT COMMON for an item that has been trendy in vintage to suddenly become intensely trendy in modern interpretations as well.  But hearts cross over that divide with ease.  Modern hearts maintain a romantic flavor, without being saccharin. 


Hearts also speak an international language.  It doesn’t matter where a lady is from, she’ll understand what hearts mean.  So make use of their power.  Gift them as beautiful jewelry by themselves.  Drop a little heart charm into a blouse or sweater gift box before wrapping.  Dangle a heart off a handbag clasp.  Add a heart to a keychain.  The ideas go on and on, as does the statement hearts make:


                                                     I love you.


Ah…say it again, and again!

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