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LITTLE TANK TOPS:  they’ve been the rage for a long time now, in sophisticated black and sizzling neon colors.  Now, add a comfortable amount of studs down the sides, and you’ve got an updated version of the coveted fashion look, very edgy, sexy, un-conventional.


Studs are one of several embellishments being used to decorate everything, from clothing to shoes, handbags, and more.  But they aren’t alone.  Look also for rivets, and spikes (wow! big Gothic numbers) to give a designer look to Present Moment Casual. 


The interesting thing about the new embellishments is that while they lean on the Biker Look, they’re still unto themselves.  For example, lots of present-day studs are colorful, even feminine, done in bright tones of pink or blue or yellow.  That’s just not something a self-respecting motorcycle driver would be caught dead with, but a fashion loving damsel…?  Just the thing!



  • A natural accompaniment to the semi-rough trend in studs and rivets, this interesting zigzag plated metal necklace looks pretty but still works with for the tough guys.







TRADITIONALLY MOST STUDS and rivets tend to be silver, and call for plenty of silver jewelry to finish the look.  Necklaces and bracelets are hot numbers here.  Crosses and crucifixes are, for some inexplicable reason, also closely associated with these fashion stories, as are skulls and crossbones, swords, and knives.  Think shiny leather all the way here, and you can’t go wrong!



                                         Spikes Can Be Scary     


COMPARED TO studs and rivets, spikes are super-tough, more S&M.  No playful lightness here, this is black and silver, all the way.  Add to it silver chains, some leather dog collars, straps going every which way, and a generally tight, tied-in appearance, and you’ve got the look. It is somewhat angry, definitely inflexible. At the designer level, this is Helmut Lang, pure and simple. Germanic.


–We can’t ignore the other side of this story, though, and that’s what you might call “Spike Dopey.”  There is nothing hard about this look, it comes with dropped, oversized pants, messy and unironed. In place of a tied-in look, here you generally encounter an overly loose feeling. Unkempt. 


Spiky hair sets off both appearances. In either case, Spike tends to be a young look, embraced by kids who want to shock, stand out, look very different.  Sort of like Grunge of yesteryear, often so repulsive it turned heads.  Well…that was the idea!  Still, the look involves some great looking jewelry and accessories and, when put together lightly and well, can even be attractive! 










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