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OXYTOCIN IS a remarkable bonding hormone.  It helps reduce stress and it helps develop and maintain close personal relationships.  It is, simply put, that chemical in the brain that helps us establish and keep relationships of love and friendship with our families, associates and, well, just about everybody we care about. 


Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone,” and understandably.    Its power is uncanny! As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s a good subject to think about.  Oxytocin, for example, induces uterine contractions when a woman is about to give birth.  It helps in the release of milk in nursing.   And, as a leading Health publication put it, it is responsible, at first touch, for a mother’s feelings of instant attachment to her newborn. Mother love – whether from the mother to the baby or the baby to the mother – is strongly centered in this fabulous bit of human chemistry.  Oxytocin. 


                                               Think Love


OXYTOCIN IS ACTIVE throughout our lives, often more so in women than men, since its effects are amplified by estrogen.  But men still have plenty of it.  When an individual engages in any thought or activity that induces the release of oxytocin, feelings of love and attachment are enhanced.  A hug is one such action.  The thought of a child’s or a husband’s love is one such thought. 


–Dr. Paul Zakk of Claremont Graduate University found that by just giving individuals a bolt of oxytocin in a nasal spray, they became more trusting of strangers and had better feelings toward them. 


The really good news about oxytocin connects directly to Mother’s Day, when everyone hopes to give a gift that will be appreciated. Good thinking.  But…with oxytocin in the picture, the gift can go a lot further than that!  Here’s an example of what we mean:


–If you buy Mom a gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day, say, she’ll see it, put it on, and enjoy it that day.  But long after Mother’s Day, each time she puts on that piece of jewelry, she’ll think about  who gave it to her, and the positive thoughts will cause a release of  — you got it! – oxytocin, adding even more love and affection toward you.  Is that terrific, or what?






  • Mom’s silver plated initial will look beautiful set into this lovely rectangular frame pendant, supported by a 30″ pink leatherette cord.


                                      Love Maker


IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that you’ll want to increase your own amount of oxytocin, as well as your Mom’s, your marital partner’s, and maybe even your boss’ and co-workers’.  After all, you can’t ever get too much love. 


Some ways of building your supply of oxytocin include being more demonstrative with love (with hugs, as we already said), even walking hand-in-hand with someone you care about.  Avoiding negative thinking, and following the old adage that says you’ll be a lot happier concentrating on the good things in life also brings good results.


THERE ARE PLENTY of other ways to latch on to the love hormone, too.  You might adopt a dog or a cat.  Wow!  Every time you pet one you’ll release this magical stuff!  Or you could volunteer to work with kids because, after all, they’re easy to love.


–But most especially, on the Second Sunday of May, year-in and year-out, send special love to Mom.  This is her day! 



  • Large sparkling crystal brooch with large acrylic center stone.  Dynamic.




  • Charming rhinestone hairpins with hearts make delightful gifts for Mom from anyone, but especially from a child!
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