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LANA MARKS IS A NAME YOU SHOULD KNOW.  She is a top-scale handbag couturier whose spectacularly glamorous designs have given a touch of elegance and pizzazz to practically every notable woman on the global scene for some years now.


Everybody who is anybody – from Elizabeth Taylor to the late Princess Diana – has carried a Lana Marks bag for special occasions. Saudi princesses adore her.  And, Hollywood just wouldn’t be the same without her!  


Now…it’s not too likely you’ll buy anything Lana Marks has created, but her designs will (and do) affect the look and feel (and “product ambiance,” if you will) of just about every other evening bag sold. So, if you are into evening bags, she is already an important person to you!


COLOR IS THE KEYNOTE of a Lana Marks bag.  These are fabulous, saturated colors:  reds, blues, purples, and sizzling blacks.  The lines are sculptural.  The materials are rich, often shiny, dramatic.  Think satin, ostrich, crocodile and alligator. Then add on diamonds or pearls or other glorious gemstones for decoration.  You can’t get too luxe!


                                             Rather Costly


And the prices?  Eeeeeks!  How about almost $9,000 for one alligator beauty?  Or, $17,900 for a fuchsia tote?

              –Well, now you know why we said you’re not likely to buy one of these spectacular creations. BUT



  • Elegant evening clutch in black crepe satin with gold lurex or silver lurex with silver tone hardware.  This stunning 4 X 10 bag glimmers when it moves and is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn glamour.


  • Embroidered lattice work on a satin backdrop with matching glass beading for subtle shimmer on a luxurious clutch bag.


                                        Palm Beach Posh


Lana Marks is headquartered on posh Worth Avenue in Florida’s Palm Beach.  She also has stores on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and Madison Avenue in New York, as well as in Dubai, London, Moscow, and Hong Kong. Not bad for a lady who calls her company “small” and refers to herself as “little me in Palm Beach.” 


But…to get back to the bags. Perhaps her most renowned creations are clutches, often highly structured, rectangular, and about twice as long as they are wide.  Her custom made clutches are part of her Cleopatra collection, she explains.

             “Each one is a separate and quite daunting challenge.” 


                                      Cleopatra Clutches


A FABULOUS CLEOPATRA clutch designed by Marks for Julie Christie featured rich red silk shantung with silvery hardware and exquisite ruby/sapphire/diamond trim. A fantastic budget conscious alternative:


Marks designed a gorgeous Art Deco-inspired Cleopatra clutch for 2009 Oscar-winner Kate Winslet.  The silvery clutch encompassed two large diamonds on the flap, boosting its value to…oh! $100,000!  Our version is also gorgeous, and costs no place near that price:

  • Satin evening purse with crystal flower blossom across the top and two large crystals on one end.  Stunning!


A CLEAN-LOOKING CLEOPATRA clutch designed for Jennifer Aniston featured a structured gold frame in shiny black crocodile. This gives the same look:



                                           A Royal Knockout


For Helen Mirren, acclaimed lead actress in The Queen, Marks designed a beautiful white satiny bag with thin diamond encrusted flap.  The bag design was inspired by the royal tiaras in Queen Elizabeth II’s collection. Here is an equally “royal” design:

  • Rows of rhinestones and faux pearls border the flap and embellish the center of this classy evening clutch with scalloped envelope flap.


From queens to starlettes to social aristocrats, Lana Marks has designed bags for them all.  But the amazing thing here is that you can actually have inspirations of the style and mode of these bags at such remarkably affordable prices! 

   — A “Queen for a Day?”  With these bags, you can be Queenly, forever!

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