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GUESS WHAT is suddenly pushing forward as one of the hottest accessories categories of the year?  Hats!  Big, small, cozy, spring-like, caps, church hats, fedoras, you name it.  They are all enjoying new respect and attention as a bevy of top couturiers give them their names and design refinement.


As hats return to their traditional importance in fashion, they are being seen as a key accessory and couture status symbol. Hats, one European stylist contended, are absolutely essential for expressing individual style.  They finish an outfit.  Without a hat, well…a lady is only half-dressed.


                                             British Classic


IN THE COLD WEATHER category, tweeds are red hot, especially Scottish tweeds and felts in protective headgear like winter caps. A very refined design comes from Anthony Peto, whose handsome tweed cap features exquisite tailoring with a same-material (rim), classic lines, and a medium-sized brim.  The look is terribly British, the kind of hat you’d expect to see on someone rambling in the Cotswolds or the Scottish Highlands.  


A hat distributor in Ghent, Belgium, said that, despite the bad economy, his budget was up 10 percent on these hats, and his general attitude for the rest of the year was positively encouraging.  Hats.  They are really hot!



  • A military inspired cadet winter cap in brown and white check separating rows of black and white herringbone.  It’s a double for Peto’s designer cap, but at a fraction of the price!




  • A handsome wool felt hat with high crown and upturned front brim that narrows toward the back.  In grey or blue, this is a very flattering style for everyone!


                                    Milan Designers


AT THE RECENT SHOWS in Milan, Prada, Gucci, and Mui Mui were just a few of the top designers showing their runway outfits complete with hats.  In New York, the new and sweet little boater hats in almost endless variations have become almost eponymous with designer Marc Jacobs, who placed them on the heads of all his recent runway models.


The fedora, which has been in the fashion news for a couple of seasons now, not only isn’t losing its popularity, it is more important than ever, showing up in many different materials and style modes, not the least of which are checks.



  • A fun fedora in crushable, fancy-weave polyester.  In a variety of colors.






  • A rush straw safari hat, very “Out of Africa” chic; or





  • A bamboo lifeguard hat with big brim, great for sunny climes.


                                            Creative Headpieces


SUPER DESIGNERS DOLCE AND GABBANA are particularly creative with a large collection of  what they call fashion “headpieces” – little hats made up of things like big bows and cleverly twisted birdlike material.  The looks are truly fabulous! 


For Spring, Burberry introduces a charming straw bucket hat in a smart neutral yellow, plus several other sophisticated colors.  Marni has a very young big and little blue and white polka dot print crusher hat.






  • A wide-brimmed sinamay dress hat with squared satin crown and large satin rosette embellishment.




HOT FOR WINTER 09-10 are big fur and faux fur Russian hats, moving everywhere! Even Rock stars are getting in on the act here.  Two dramatic Cosack design hats are worn by the gorgeous lady singers that accompany major entertainer Kid Rock on his latest release. Check them out in any of many magazine ad pictures.

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