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TUXEDO TERRIFICUSA TODAY quotes Harper’s Bazaar editor Kristina O’Neill as saying “A tuxedo is always age appropriate – whether worn with glamorous chandelier earrings or carrying a smart clutch.  Best of all, it’s sexy.”  It’s also very, very trendy, as top celebrities across the country suit-up to show off their wares in a somewhat less exhibitionistic “tuxedo” fashion.


Perhaps the trendiest aspect of the tuxedo popularity wave is the color black.  Sizzling in intensity, black (and smoke of all sorts) is giving color a real run for the money as the market looks toward late summer and early fall fashion leaders. We looked at a couple of the most recent award shows for black inspiration.  Notice that at these annual extravaganzas, the following damsels wore black, head- to- toe.  And the effect?  Fabulous, naturally! 


                                 Susan Sarandan in Hugo Boss


–At the January 11th Golden Globes awards, Susan Sarandan arrived in a tight-fitted Hugo Boss black velvet tuxedo complete with satin lapel and a thin black belt with a charming little square diamond buckle. Somehow or other, she managed to come off looking biker-chic. She also wore a long double-strand beaded necklace and bad (really bad, as in fabulous)) dark sunglasses, setting off her red locks with panache.


–On January 7th at the People’s Choice Awards, Katherine Heigl was half-tuxedo/half plain pants suit in an elegant black number by Dolce & Gabbana.  She glitzed the whole thing up with sparkly diamond chandelier earrings and even sported very formal bejeweled shoes.


                              Kristin Scott Thomas in Vintage YSL


–Kristin Scott Thomas graced the Golden Globe Awards in a stunning black vintage Yves St. Laurent tuxedo.  Bazaar editor O’Neill was enthralled with the way the actress layered gold necklaces on over the elegant outfit. Thomas also carried a quiet but lovely little black clutch.





CHAMPAGNE AND FLOWERS:  The latest collection by the inimitable fine jewelry house, Boucheron, takes inspiration from Paris’s art de vivre in its Belle Epoch period.  Bubbles of spiraling gold loops on one necklace remind of the best champagne France has to offer.  A floral necklace featuring a fantastic 25-carat Sri Lankan sapphire at its center, was more or less dedicated to the American dancer Loie Fuller, a Follies Bergere regular, who was known by the nickname, The Flower.


THIS IS THE YEAR FOR FLOWERS!  One of the hottest trends, flowers offer endless elegance and beauty to almost all jewelry.  Give your wardrobe a couture touch with these classics:

  • Wholesale brooches in antique plating with glimmering red and white crystals.  Designed in the shape of a wreath, the pin features delicate leafwork with a center top flower.  Totally enchanting!



  • Brooches of flowers and ribbons were popular in the Victorian era.  These delightful pieces echo Victorian designs with crystals adding sparkle and charm.



MORE TRENDY IMAGES:  Birds were the center of attention at the new collection of fine jewelry by New York designer Waris Ahluwalia.  Gold and silver sparkled on 6 bird varieties — including crows and eagles — featured on necklaces and earrings.



                      COCKTAIL RINGS TO KNOCK ‘EM DEAD!


RINGS AND THINGS:  You don’t have to be a millionaire to look like one.  Capitalize on today’s fabulous faux silver and gold gemstone rings, big in size but little on cost. 


Bold cocktail rings are hot, hot, hot!  Make them glitzy, make them ritzy, but make them show stoppers in size and statements. With metal plating techniques today, you can’t tell the difference between what is all gold and silver, and what is just “skin deep.”  And with today’s fantastic faux stones, well…even your jeweler won’t know for sure! 


For a Southwestern touch of evening glamour try:


MEANWHILE, AT THE UPPER-CRUSTY LEVEL of society, where any price is not too much to pay, a bevy of spectacular rings are flirting with the public for attention.  John Hardy has a strong white topaz ring on the market, not at all so Gothic and weird as his usual designs.  Maybe big, big money makes him more amenable to real beauty. This one is just that! 


Reflecting the same kind of classic elegance are:

  • Pink and clear CZ rings; and
  • Clear diamond-dazzling CZ rings.


Rings are IN.  Wear them one-at-a-time or on every finger, all at once.  It’s your choice!

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