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                  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

                  I love thee to the depth and breath and height

                 My soul can reach…

                                                              -Elizabeth Barrett Browning


                Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

                                                              -Ogden Nash 



VALENTINE’S DAY is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate it than with these magnificent words from poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning?  Or, with a few less respectable tomes, from the poet Ogden Nash.   Or, from the inimitable Mae West, who was always willing to make the best of any situation, saying, as she did,


                            It is better to be looked over than overlooked. 


Ahhh, Love.  This is its day, in all its many forms!


                                    Red Doors and Gem Stones


Red is the official color of Valentine’s Day. It is the warmest color, representing passion and fiery heat.  In China, brides wear red and doors are painted red for prosperity and energy. In the west, some people put red gem stones around the home to stimulate vitality and joy.


Everyone gives hearts for Valentine’s Day.  What Valentine card is without them?

Even bumper stickers declare love through the symbol of the heart, as in “I (BIG RED HEART) MY CORGI.”  Or, “…MY PIT BULL.”


Big hearts are wonderful.  Broken hearts are sad, even tragic.  The heart represents life itself and, of course, love. It is the essential expression of physical nature, especially strength.  Hearts are Number One in popularity at tattoo parlors.


The Bible sees the heart as the center of a person, and the seat of human intelligence. King Solomon prayed for an “understanding heart.”  According to the Dictionary of the Bible, by Father John L. McKenzie, “It is in God’s heart to love creation….”


In looking for a gift to give for Valentine’s Day, certainly the first thought to come  to mind – after a loving Valentine’s Day card – might well be a piece of heart jewelry. Every woman sees it as a cherished expression.  Some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifting:





  • A classic cupid pin with red enameled heart.





  • A rich red crystal Victorian style heart brooch lavishly embedded with smaller crystal hearts. This is a real heirloom piece.



                                      Freudian Confusion


DESPITE ALL OF THIS, if you are still confused about what to give your lady love this Valentine’s Day, you are not alone.  Sigmund Freud, Father of psychoanalysis but not personally expert in the love arena, bemoaned the same problem, saying, “The great question, which I have not been able to answer, is, ‘What does a woman want?’ “


Real lovers know the answer without hesitation. Give your heart! And, the symbol of your heart. Give an expression that goes beyond “Will you be my Valentine,” to the more essential statement, “I love you.” We guarantee you’ll like the results.


                                       A Gift for Everyone


A piece of Valentine heart jewelry is a gift to thrill a romantic lover, delight a mother, please a sister, and brighten the eyes of a little girl.  And unlike flowers or chocolates, this is something that will last for years. Some more ideas:





Silver plated heart earrings in highly polished finish, with mixed metal border design of shimmering gold plate.





White faux pearl necklace with crystal embellishment. The center pearl-shaped drop is handsomely supported by 2 in-line silver hearts for a truly elegant look.  From the wholesale bridal collection, this gift is serious!


Perhaps Zsa Zsa Gabor gave the definitive word on the value of Valentine jewelry gifts when she said,

                    I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.


Of course, she also said,


                  If you want diamonds, buy them yourself.


But that is another story, for another day.

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