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Rhinestone jewelry fills needs as well as provides dazzle no other fashion jewelry can equal.  But it has something else going for it that we seldom realize.  In economic downturns rhinestone jewelry really rises to the occasion and becomes wildly popular.  Part of this can be because they provide the diamond look at affordable prices and part because these fashion accessories bring soothing relief in stressful times. 


Vintage collectors today are paying good money for rhinestone from the golden age of costume jewelry.  Pieces by Eisenberg, Coro, Weiss, and Trifari are commanding big prices.  And what is this period that collectors consider the golden age of costume jewelry when rhinestone jewelry was on fire.  Most consider the 1930s to early 1960s the golden years of costume jewelry.  Think about it.  Nearly half of this era was The Great Depression and World War II.  The finest rhinestone jewelry was created in the most stressful times. 


So the little bump in the road we are experiencing is nothing compared to those troublesome times and if rhinestone jewelry was so spectacular then, it certainly should do well now.  The beauty of rhinestone and the desire for the feel-good experience of buying something new will keep rhinestone jewelry on the front burner. 


Even more important rhinestone jewelry fills a need for events that are getting very close. Retailers are preparing by stocking wholesale rhinestone jewelry for prom, bridal, and pageant.  More specialized shops prepare for dance competition, choral groups, and ballroom dance. 


Nearly everyone imagines rhinestone jewelry as very traditional, but subtle updates keep these dazzling accessories high in consumer interest.  Think of how popular bangle bracelets are in fashion this season.  Then imagine how rhinestone bracelets on memory wire creating bangles will capture the interest of prom girls. 


Rhinestone necklace sets have traditional looks with cascades, Y shapes, collars, bibs, and V necklaces.  But think of how rhinestone necklace sets in lariats or whiplash designs borrowed from Art Nouveau will capture the attention of the modern shopper.   




Pageant and other formal events are moving towards dramatic earrings rather than necklace sets and rhinestone earrings respond with every shape popular in fashion trends.  Large hoops and concentric circles lead popularity, but linear drops and dramatic designs that fit into the shoulder duster category are also very good.   


Prepare a spot in your showcases to wow customers with dazzle.  Choose the wholesale rhinestone jewelry that appeals to your customer base and make a display early so word gets around that you have a beautiful selection of rhinestone.  Prom is coming soon, providing a major market for glitzy jewelry sales.  Add in all the other events in spring that call for rhinestone jewelry and you have the ingredients for success-an opportunity that comes only once a year.

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