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LINGERIE WITH JEWELRY?   Well, you might think, that’s an oxymoron!  But don’t close the book on this idea too soon.  Manufacturers of gorgeous, enticingly subtle lingerie are showing their “personal” clothing pieces with more and more jewelry, and the effect couldn’t be more glamorous. 


This is an idea whose time has come!  Alberta Ferretti offers a perfect nightie for the hang-around-luxuriously set: a beautiful, rich blue silk satin long gown with provocative cut-outs and thin shoulder spaghetti straps Editorialized with long formal earrings, it presents an elegant outfit fit for intimate dining or laid-back talk fests with a significant other. Oh, it’s wicked. But beautiful!


  • MAKE USE OF THE IDEA: Consider a bridal market faux pearl bracelet with crystals and rhinestones in white or ivory. Or try an erotic ankle bracelet in silver-plate with crystal embedded heart drop. Elegant!


                                       PLAYGIRL POSH


AS WE’VE SUGGESTED, many of the lingerie outfits being worn for such “plus jewelry” publicity shots aren’t meant for sleeping only. You might call it a Hugh Hefner rush to “live-in” pajamas, as more and more ladies exchange street clothes for luxurious, comfortable at-home lingerie outfits.


Beautifully accessorized negligees, slinky slips and exotic nightgowns are just some of the fashions taking on jewelry embellishment. Lounging pajamas, worn with rich, abundant jewelry, are also making at-home bedwear living a new, wardrobe-conscious experience.


Frequently, the negligees targeted for rich jewelry enhancement are minimalistic and   exquisitely refined. Take Donna Karan’s easy-to-wear satin-faced silk chiffon slip that could easily do high-fashion duty for any formal affair.  The dress shimmers under very long rhinestone earrings, plus a cocktail ring with a huge, clear cabochon stone.

  • YOU CAN EASILY PAIR JEWELRY WITH NEGLIGEES: Just stay with the theme. A dramatic necklace of gleaming metallic bronze beads spaced on 3 layers of coated wire adds a seductive quality to lingerie of all sorts. Choose deep amber and dark smoke colors.



                              BEAUTIFUL REBELLION


TIME WAS, you’d rarely see anyone wearing pajamas outside of the bedroom. But that didn’t take into account the maverick, Auntie Mame-type characters who made it a habit of rebelliously going against-the-grain. I know.  I had an aunt who rotated an extensive wardrobe of glamorous pajamas and nightgowns for 24/7 living. Rare to see someone out of the bedroom in nightwear?  With my aunt, it was rare to see her any other way!


A remarkably beautiful woman, she languished and luxuriated in soft, shimmery silk and satin lounge pajamas all day long, munching on chocolates and happily spraying herself with Joy perfume.  My mother considered her a total embarrassment.  My grandmother — older, wiser, and aware of her daughter’s coup in marrying so well she could afford to do nothing all day – regarded her with unspoken admiration. It was a stand-off.


I wonder now how spectacular my aunt would have looked had she thought to glamorize her sensual home-wear with jewelry.  Not just any kind of jewelry, of course, but delicate sparkling pieces that would echo the feel of her Cleopatra-worthy outfits. The Marc Anthonys of the world wouldn’t have had a chance! 

  • TRY GIVING YOURSELF JEWELRY-ADDED GLAMOUR: Choose shimmering crystal chandelier earrings for a come-hither at-home dress-up look. Or, try long Victorian style earrings with black stones and antique silver-plate. Eye-catching, with flash and movement!
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