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1.  LONG AND LANGUID WATERFALL EARRINGS:  Goodbye reserved earrings, hello big, dramatic, modern styles.  Waterfall earrings race front and forward, brushing the shoulder and filled with a fluid, smooth movement.  See them especially in silver-plate, some rather intricate in design, others clean, long, shimmering slivers bringing light and vitality to the face. 


  • TRY SOMETHING NEW FOR THE NEW YEAR:  A perfect choice for change is an elegant earring set with two lines of textured metal drops that spiral down from small metal chains. These ultra-modern beauties are long!


2. GEOMETRICS:  It’s a mathematical wonderland out there!  If you loved geometry, this is your year!  Squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles are all heating up the runways.  Polka dots are making graphic history.  Stripes are super hot. Straight lines, diagonal lines, lines crossing each other, touching each other, going every which way: they’re all big trend news for the year.  


3. LONG, LOOSE, COMFORTABLE DRESSES: They may have been shorter back in the forties, but ladies used to call them house dresses. Now, they’re long, upgraded, more formal, but still expressing the same idea: Comfortable dresses, mostly for the home (although, in today’s liberal environment, you could go from work to the beach in them, without raising any eyebrows).  Some people are calling them day gowns, which pretty well says it. Prints are extravagant, colors are often intense, and jewelry is mandatory!  


  • JAZZ UP THE NEW DRESSES WITH EASY-TO-WEAR JEWELRY:  What could be better than faux pearls spaced with fine link chain?  In light grey and looking very much like those terribly expensive South Sea pearls, this double row necklace is a beautiful closeout piece!


4. STATEMENT JEWELRY:  We’ve been talking about this hot trend for over a year now, and things haven’t abated one bit.  If anything, statement jewelry is getting hotter.  Styles are getting bigger, more individualistic.  Look for items with a one-of-a-kind mystique to them, jewelry that preferably evokes thoughts of exotic ports-of-call. 


  • SIZE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  Big and small combine in this beautiful necklace made up of 15 strands of tiny Bohemian glass beads gently twisted together for a high fashion look. The large overall look resonates in amber, gold, white, and bronze.  Exquisite!


5. TORTOISE SHELL SUNGLASSES:  Are these ever great shades?  Boasting frames of the perennially chic tortoise shell, they add a glamorous note of luxury to any wardrobe.  But don’t stop there!  Pay attention, too, to aviator shades, the biggest and hottest look of the year!


6. INSECT INVASION:  Watch out!  The insects are coming and you could be eaten alive!  Spiders lead the way, embellishing handbags, jewelry, everything fashionable.  Butterflies aren’t far behind the (spider) binge, gently flittering around the field.  Even dragonflies are keeping insect repellents going.  Adding to the fray: A new generation of accessorizing alligators, crocodiles, and other not-so-lovable reptiles are coming on stream.  Oh, this is a 12-year boy’s dream!


  • LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU:  Dragonflies, butterflies, and colorful peacock pins. But none can compare with the splendid sparkle of a rhinestone spider brooch (Yes!  We said spider!) silently, ominously awaiting its prey.



7. CHUNKY COCKTAIL RINGS:  Think wonderful faux gemstones, some cabochon, some exquisitely faceted, all obviously faux only by their size. This is a Romanoff-mimicking jewelry trend, with everything super-big, super-rich, super-extravagant.  Rings, especially, are phenomenal, with huge center stones surrounded by more sparkling faux stones, set in silver- or gold-plate, enjoying a one-of-a-kind-like expression. 


  • GET THE LOOK FOR PART OF THE PRICE: Consider enameled cubic zirconium rings for real impact.  Murano glass rings are super-trendy, in exciting colors and modern design.


8. SHINE:  Everything is slippery, shiny, light-reflective!  Materials like satin, taffeta and Asian silks take shine to a new level.  Patent leather shoes and handbags, especially done in bright oranges, greens, and blues, give pop to an outfit.  Leather is an all-time shine wardrobe factor.  Embroideries, sequins, crystals, embellishments of all sorts turn ordinary dresses into Princess-worthy gowns. 


9. MIXED METALS:  Time was nobody thought of mixing gold and silver together; you wore one or the other.  But then Southwestern designers came onto the scene, and nothing has been the same since.  They heavily promoted mixed metals with their unique and highly creative designs, first mixing sterling silver with gold-plate, and later branching out into fine jewelry with real gold. 


    Now another surge of interest in mixed metals is showing how well silver and gold really go together.  The mix can be in one piece of jewelry, or as two separate pieces, worn together.  Either way, you get a dynamite, modern expression of richness and beauty together. Two-tone jewelry without the high price-tag.

 two-tone cuff bracelet

  • IT’S EASY TO MIX METALS: But if you want it done for you, think about some wonderful bracelets like a super-modern spiral-design cuff that evolves repeatedly from silver-plate circle with gold-spiral tips to another circle to another. Very fashion forward.



10. INSANELY HIGH SPIKE HEELS:  These torturous foot traps just won’t go away.  And while everyone is raving about the remarkably creative designs showing up in shoes right now (which we don’t deny), nobody takes issue with the present and future health consequences of these wildly overdone, extravagant shoes.  But there you are. They aren’t good for you.  But wow!  Are they sexy! 

—And that’s where it’s at, folks, as the sales go on…

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