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KIDS LIKE ACCESSORIES: In a recent survey of teenagers, accessories and cosmetics came in fourth as the most important things to spend money on. The high count finish followed food, cars, and clothing, in that order. All the teens surveyed said they love shopping but find malls “boring.”


Generally speaking, teens also said they are willing to pay full price for an item “if the quality is good and if the price is reasonable in the first place.”  On their A list for stores:  Target.  “We trust them, and they get some great designers to make things we can afford.”  


  • HOT TEEN CHOICES IN JEWELRY: Sizes are usually a little smaller than popular pieces in the adult world. Silver is hot. Romantic associations are big. Think hearts, which are very trendy right now. Like a cross and hearts bracelet.  Or a silver-plate heart pendant with the Biblical passage engraved on it: “Be joyful in all things, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances.”  




CRYSTALIZED TIME:  Swarovski will launch a new line of watches at Basilworld in Switzerland this April.  The new collection is aimed at the multifaceted woman, company creative director Nathalie Colin says. “It is inspired by day, by night, by each moment lived by the independent, modern, fashion-conscious woman.”


One item in the new collection, Octea Sport, is a stainless steel watch with quartz caliber movement.  Each watch will contain crystal facets and accents and will retail for about $750.




MORE IS MORE:  If you are the kind of person who wears a watch or a bracelet, but rarely both at the same time, hey, get with it.  The idea now is more.  And more.  And more.  Bracelets that run up the arm.  Watches that are worn with bracelets, on the same wrist, at the same time.  It’s a trend that has sparked a good deal of design coordination in recent months, such as all-white watches to go with black and white trend in jewelry. 


YOU CAN GET THE LOOK:  Combine a multistrand colored bracelet with your latest watch, and coordinate the colors.  Or, opt for a contemporary heart bracelet featuring elongated links with a double heart drop; this looks great with a more traditional and dressy watch… Choose a fashionable stretch bracelet with black or green faux gemstones to wear above or below a modern-design watch. Elegant!



ALONG THE NILE:  Think about pyramids, they could be the next really hot trend shape.  Seems that jewelry designer Meredith Kahn, whose five-year old jewelry brand is called Made Her Think, is partnering with intimates retailer Kiki de Montparnasse on a new line of very luxurious jewelry.


Hot in the new collection: A diamond-covered pyramid-shaped pendant, super-pave.  The price tag is a mere $18,000, but expect it soon to be copied at a much lower price.


Kahn says she’s a die-hard romantic, and designs as if someone is going to fall in love with the item, and their lover will buy it for them.” 

   — I remember Zsa Zsa Gabor on the subject of diamonds, too. A die-hard pragmatist, she told women, “If you want them, buy them for yourself.”


  • BUT…DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT: You can get the look at a fraction of the price with fabulous fakes. And you don’t have to concern yourself with who picks up the tab!  For a spectacular look now, choose long, lean, and linear crystal earrings. These fabulously modern crystal earrings feature three rods in silver or gold plate that drop 31/2 inches and terminate in bezel set clear crystal so diamond like in their sparkle they would fool even a jeweler.



ON THE WEB:  If you are a small boutique store owner who would like to open a web store but haven’t got the slightest idea of where to start….look no further.  Intuit has come up with new software that will allow you to open a store easily and inexpensively. Retailers can design their own web stores or pay Intuit to do the job for them. 


Setup for a basic store costs about $200, and a deluxe one runs $1,000.  There is a monthly fee of $150.  The software, which runs on Windows XP and Vista, can be purchased at a number of retail outlets, including Amazon.com, and Sam’s Club.




MOTORCYCLE CHIC: Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto may have left their design posts at Cacharel, but they’re not out of the fashion picture, by any means.  The two have put their talents to work on a new crop of Rolls-Royce level motorcycle helmets by France’s Ruby. 


Are these ever wild?  Graphic prints that seem to mimic big cats’ winter wear, yellow and black and black and white.  They’ll soon be available at such posh outlets as Dover Street Market and Roy Robinson, in Los Angeles. Good design sells just about anything.


LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TOUGH, TOO?  You can get a motorcycle chic look by piling on the silver before you don one of those new designer helmets. Consider snake chains in silver plate; pair together 18 and 20 inch necklaces, then double the impact with cross earrings in metal relief.  (Christian crosses are big in motorcycle circles, but they don’t really have any religious significance here.)

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