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HEAVY METAL music and Heavy Metal Jewelry:  They go together in a bizarre, unexpected manner.  Think of Heavy Metal jewelry in terms of beauty, in excess.  Think of Heavy Metal bands, and you come up with some spectacular music, but also some very dangerous looking dudes who might have “graced” a barstool in any west coast Gold Rush town of yesteryear.  Rough.  Unwashed.  Mean…


Heavy Metal music is aggressive and heavily amplified rock, performed by groups usually in far-out weird costumes. Nobody is quite sure what Heavy Metal really is, since everybody has his own interpretation of this musical form.  In its early days it was hard to draw a line between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Now there is even more to contend with, like Death Metal, Black Metal, to name just a couple. It ain’t easy.


                                             Black Sabbath


PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS celebrity of Heavy Metal fame is Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath. Just another Rock-er?  Don’t believe it! This incredible musician has recently been inducted into the UK’s Music Hall of Fame, is the winner of  1 Emmy and 2 Grammy awards, and that is just the beginning. One musical reviewer puts Osbourne in a class with Mozart. Sure, that’s controversial, but it reflects the talent and image expanse of the entire Heavy Metal phenomenon.


Big Heavy Metal bands include Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Van Halen. 

If your clientele includes young people (or middle aged!), get to know the musicians and the form. You might make up a display of Heavy Metal, using recent top CD covers. Chard Bower, who blogs on Heavy Metal on About.com, gives Opeth’s Watershed the Number One Heavy Metal band CD award for the year. He describes it as containing “beautiful acoustic passages that lead into intense death metal.”  Metallica also takes high raves for Death Magnetic, a Warner Brothers release.


                                           More is More


HOW DO YOU EXPRESS Heavy Metal in jewelry?  To start with, think silver.  Then, think silver some more.  Mostly, this is a sterling (or silver plate) story and the more you have, the better.  Remember, this is Heavy metal.  Necklaces are especially important, starting with chokers and continuing on to long, long silver chains that drip down to the waist and even below.  The final effect can be almost comic, when you add on enough necklaces at once, but that is the look.  More is more.

Heavy Metal it is a lot like The Biker story, and any outfit worn in the Heavy Metal mode would be appreciated in spades by any Harley group.  You might say they have the same action modality. Heavy Metal also looks, sounds, and feels a lot like Grunge.  Or, Gothic. 


                                        Heavy Metal and Death


THE OVERALL MUSICAL MACHISMO is rife with testosterone. But girlfriends get in there, too. Women with black eyes, black lips, black nails and black clothing have it down pat. There are also strong connections between Heavy Metal and Death music. In fact, the whole genre is dark, ominous. Is this a drug culture?  A suicide culture?  Elements of both often apply.


The fashion expression is also scary, yet often very well done.  Think of the superb designer, Calvin Klein, especially, in this regard – even his ads of some years back were of emaciated, ashen models in black and looking, well, dead.  There is an attraction here that is hard to fathom.


                                      The Jewelry Connection


HEAVY METAL IN JEWELRY.MORE EXPLICITLY has to do with chains. They are the beginning and end of all heavy metal fashion story, sort of the Alpha and Omega of metallic design.  You can choose from a wide variety of chains, in different widths and lengths and styles, from thin and delicate to heavy and impressive.  The idea here, though is never to be too quiet, also when you go for something gentle, do it in multiples.  Chains upon chains upon chains. Frankly, you can’t get too many of them! 


  • A long fashionable smooth bar chain is a good place to start.  Add to that, several flat bead design chains, and perhaps a 5-row beaded chain.  Textured omega chokers also work well for the heavy metal look, as do snake chains of all sorts.  Think about a diamond cut snake chain in silver plate.  Or, one of each!



  • Rings are a natural for the heavy metal look…often worn on every finger!  One way or the other, you don’t have to worry too much about exact sizings because the look today is to wear rings on any finger. Pick a ring.  Find a finger it fits.



  • Earrings are a fitting touch for a heavy metal look and, interestingly, a unisex mystique goes well here. Choose a handmade looking silver leaf design, or perhaps fashion earrings with hammered silver metal look.


WHILE YOU’RE WORKING ON METAL, you can go even further with this story. Consider belts with big, heavy metal hardware. Silver-y handbags.  Metal link chain belts worn low on a denim-styled hip.  Lots of metallic embellishments. Silver embroideries. Silver studs on jeans, on Harley jackets.


If you scare easily, stay away from Heavy Metal.  It’s not for you.  But if you like to look dangerous, hip, possibly deranged…hey! You’ll love this story!

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