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OOOOHHHHH, CAN IT BE REAL?  Clothes that have no seasonal connection:  Are we dreaming or can this actually be?  Designers seem to think so, as they dish out numerous outfits ready to shine spring, summer, winter, and fall. How are they doing it? With new go-anywhere materials than are warm enough for cold climes, yet literally “breathe” in warm temperatures to keep wearers cool.  Also, with outfits built on a layering formula, so you put it on, take it off, as the thermometer suggests.  Many are separates, such as easy-to-wear sweaters, in rich colors, notably black, gold, and red. 


Some examples:  Donna Karan offers the story a fabulous black outfit with long sleeves, short skirt and interesting ruffle. Another Karan specialty is a minimalist, long red gown with limited Grecian lines.


Like Karan, black has always been a big boon to the super designer, Calvin Klein, and he puts forth a very shoulder-padded black slacksuit that looks a little like a police outfit circa 2100, worn with black booties. Calvin also shows a very “now” upscale design for the all-weather movement, a shiny white fitted dress.


SOME POINTS TO NOTE:  All season dressing means

  • White is a year-round color.  No more putting it away come Labor Day.
  • Black is a year-round color. No more putting it away come spring. 
  • White and black accessories stay fashionable throughout the calendar year!



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BIG GEMS STILL MESMERIZE, especially if they’re diamonds! One of the most famous, a 17th Century rock called the Wittelsbach Diamond, was recently auctioned off for a whopping $24.3 million, a record for any diamond or gemstone ever sold at auction.  This incredible 35.56-carat stone was auctioned at Christie’s in London, and went to Bond Street jeweler Laurence Graff, who out-bid New York-based Russian Aleks Paul of Global Trading. History has it, the diamond was originally given to Maria Teresa, Infantata of Spain, by her father, Philip IV of Spain. Look for it soon on a 21st Century celebrity, guaranteed.


  • YOU’D HAVE TO GO some to find a 35-plus carat faux diamond, but who really wants to wear something that heavy, anyway?  You can get the same kind of richness and comfort in the beauty of today’s cubic zirconia earrings and they defy anyone to know they are not real gemstones. 


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THE 70S ARE BACK WITH WONDERFUL FLORAL patterns and hippie fringe, plenty of ruffles, soft skirts, long dresses with a touch of Amish modesty about them, handmade looking jewelry including long, long necklaces and little handle bags you might have whipped up in knitting class,.



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                                DO-IT-YOURSELF DAZZLE


LOOSE CRYSTALS:  Crystalized Swarovski Elements has teamed up with a number of fashion industry leaders on a new book entitled, “Unbridaled: The Marriage of Tradition with Avant Garde,” due out in mid-October.  The book is dedicated to bridalwear and includes dresses and accessories from such top designers as John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Phillip Lim, Vera Wang and Jimmie Choo.


Contributors to “Unbridaled” will fete the book’s publication at a special wedding exhibition at Rockefeller Center’s rooftop garden in New York.  Leading the celebrants will be Nadja Swarovski, who plans to show how crystals are used within the bridal industry.   Crystalized Swarovski Elements is a new product brand for Swarovski crystals.  


  • YOU CAN CREATE your own dazzling designs using loose beads in glass, fiber optics, ceramic, enameled and silver plate.  The beads are sold in one dozen quantities and are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as clear. 


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                                      ON-LINE AND IN FASHION 


LINE FOR LINE:  If you’re looking for a trend to latch onto for spring, look no further.  Linear magic is where it is at!  Designers have whipped up a major assortment of dresses, blouses, slacks and shorts outfits with stripes lined vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and every which way.  Some are traditional, some feminine, many taken directly from the boys with a high level of testosterone emanating from their “grey flannel suit” élan. 


Most of the stripes are black and white, but some are colorful, bouncy, fun.  Vivienne Westwood sparkles with the latter category, showing a halter top-and-bottom design in brilliant colors of orange, citrus, and black.  D & G features wide striped slacks outfit in red and white with white shoulder bag and a big red floral pin at the neckline.

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