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Wholesale rhinestone jewelry picks up dramatically starting New Year’s Eve as retailers see increased demand.  And it’s only the beginning.  The next few months are a steady lineup of events that call for rhinestone jewelry.  Mardi Gras balls begin, prom comes in March and April, pageants and bridal are in full swing, dance competitions, choral groups, and staged events provide even more demand for rhinestone jewelry.  Easter comes in April, Mother’s Day in May, followed by June brides. 


Fortunately the glittery look is more affordable than ever.  While everything in fashion jewelry seems to be going up, only rhinestone jewelry is reaching new affordable low prices.  So today the lavish rhinestone jewelry that really makes a statement for balls and pageant is more popular than ever because it is so affordable. 


Rhinestone necklace sets in bibs, cascades, and fringe designs that can turn heads at special events, open customers’ eyes with such affordable prices.  Clear rhinestones in silver plaiting generate the most dazzle and are the runaway first choice. 


A trend developing in pageant is dramatic earrings with a bare neck.  It seems the rhinestone earrings can’t be super-sized enough.  You see this in all the major televised pageants.  So dramatic rhinestone earrings need to be part of a glittery fashion selection for those that opt for earrings over necklace sets. 


Still dramatic size is not for every personality or every event.  Many prefer an understated look even for balls.  Bridal and prom almost always prefer a more delicate statement.  Classic chokers in moderate size deliver the conservative look that pleases many personalities.  This tasteful look has a history of elegance that appeals to every age group as it brings to mind Victorian sophistication.



Y necklaces remain popular with prom girls as well as anything trendy such as long dangling box chain from a rhinestone design-the rhinestone set pictured.  Simplicity is also important for prom as well as delicate size.  Simple linear earrings and rhinestone necklace sets that are understated suit these girls. 





Bridal prefers elegant simplicity.  Brides want everything perfect and the wedding day jewelry is most important because it survives for generations in wedding albums.  Tasteful simplicity is the key with again clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are best.  The look of V necklaces, delicate chokers, rhinestone hearts, or any delicate rhinestone necklace set that balances good taste with just enough shimmer provides the look that appeals to brides. 


Don’t forget the bracelets.  Rhinestone bracelets make a wonderful compliment to any special occasion and the event dictates the size-delicate for bridal and prom, dramatic for balls and pageant.  Rhinestone bracelets are also a frequent bridesmaid gift, which means multiple sales for bridal shops. 


Rhinestone jewelry has an added benefit for retailers concerned about the economy.  Most occasions for rhinestone jewelry are a need rather than a whim and that takes economy out of the equation.  So prepare now because the best months are already starting.

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