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BLOGGING ON THE INTERNET is becoming a celebrity-rich adventure, with top web sites bringing in big-name personalities as guest bloggers for a day or a week or more. 


On one of the top bridal sites, the newest guest blogger for the week is none other than Ivana Trump, the blonde beauty queen who revamped the Plaza Hotel as just one of her many business accomplishments and who is reportedly soon to be engaged to Jared Kushner,  a hunk younger than her own kids.  Hey, if men can do it, why not women…?


Of course, Ivana is better known as the former wife of billionaire Donald Trump. A woman of impeccable grooming with a spectacular designer wardrobe, Ivana blogs on jewelry and bridal wear, saying that every woman should look for fine jewelry pieces that are timeless and versatile and that can be worn in many different ways. 


She also suggests that investment pieces should be wearable as everyday jewelry, and not kept just for dressy occasions.  Ivana points especially to diamond studs, which she calls elegant and simple, as ideal investment jewelry. She suggests that studs are something “every woman should have in her wardrobe.”


  • INVESTMENT JEWELRY:  do you think it is just for fine jewelry pieces?  Costume jewelry has become extremely collectible and while prices are still reasonable for older pieces from the 30s, say, expectations are this jewelry will soon be worth a bundle!  Today’s costume jewelry likewise has the potential to become tomorrow’s heirloom treasures. Pick out some beauties and then just wait…


But…back to Ivana.  Talking to today’s bride, the celebrity “first wife” says that over-accessorizing a bridal dress is the biggest mistake a woman can make.  She thinks it’s best to choose just one piece of jewelry and to use it as a focal point. 


Ivana is big on bold statement necklaces for strapless bridal dresses. She promotes a piece from her own jewelry collection:  a graduated pave bead necklace.


  • YOU CAN GET THE LOOK: Perfect for a wedding day ensemble is a rhinestone necklace in a timeless V shape. It is dramatic, impressive, aristocratic, a real statement necklace! Or, consider a versatile rhinestone fringe necklace for a slightly dressier, traditional look.  This particular piece uses fringe brilliantly for maximum sparkle and light.


For halter bridal dresses, Ivana goes for diamond stud earrings and a beautiful bracelet.  For a sweetheart neckline bridal dress, she again suggests diamond earrings, and also thinks a diamond lariat necklace is ideal.  She suggests that a lariat from her collection could be a very “sexy” accessory.


  • YOU CAN GET THE LOOK:  Consider a stunning elongated link bracelet that combines shine with gold-plating to create a true modern classic. Or, look at a dramatic bracelet with a rich traditional design. It has a double row of faux white pearls with bands of shimming rhinestones, and is really special.  Another elegant style involves cream pearls on a golden chain bracelet. Its delicacy reverberates softly against a bridal gown and gently finishes the entire ensemble. 
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