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LIELA MOSS IS THE LEAD SINGER for the hot underground rock ‘n’ roll band, The Duke Spirit; more importantly for us, she is rapidly becoming a major teen icon  for clothing and accessories.  To start with, the sultry blonde Moss is the inspiration for a new Target collection by European couturier Alexander McQueen, representing the designer’s first foray into the mass market.


Until now, McQueen’s clothing has sold for thousands of dollars and up; the Moss-divined Target collection will have price tags under $130.00, a big difference.


But…just take a look at the looks Moss is known for:  casually wild, sizzling with a kind of rock ‘n’ roll punk vibe. She wears plenty of black, from tight satin jumpsuits to black T’s, boots, and denim pants.


  • Moss wears jewelry with ease; interesting, moderately-sized pieces that tend to accentuate her clothing without overwhelming.  It is a good looking mix.  In one photo shoot, she wears a red fabric flower pin with a blue T and pants, and bright red super-high spike shoes. 


In a new black and white silk-screen cotton jersey T-shirt for McQueen (featuring her face in big, bold portraiture), she wears a medium length black beaded necklace with organic-looking black stones hanging off. A ring worn on the middle finger is simple, wide, silver. 


A favorite piece that she is often seen wearing is a double strand gold chain necklace with a diamond crown pendant.  Very aristocratic, if not royal!  The fascinating thing about a lot of this jewelry is that it works beautifully while she’s working with her rock ‘n’ roll compatriots (The Duke Spirit is a British band that mixes noise rock with grunge) but also can go almost anywhere with many different fashion styles.  . 


The Moss collection for Target – called McQ Alexander McQueen for Target — is part of the retailer’s new Designer Collaborations program.  It will be an ongoing initiative and will bring a number of top-level fashion designers to the general public with

fashions set at reasonably low prices.  Each designer participant has been asked to take inspiration from a muse, a creative element, or a collaborative partner.


  • McQueen sees his muse-choice as more than a Brit.  “She (Moss) is great looking girl and has a personal style.  It falls into the idea of the New York underground music scene,” he says, explaining that he chose Moss because of the “atmosphere she portrays.”


An exciting collection that is certain to be sought after by young people, McQueen uses black, white, grey and tan in most of the pieces, accentuated by cobalt blue and hot pink. The pieces are edgy, spiked up with studs and sexy black mesh. 


One dress centers on a terrific wide black belt.  A sleeveless T-shirt features images of The Duke Spirit. Aiming at attracting a younger crowd to Target’s fashion, McQueen says his new clothes are about the fashion scene and the music scene in the East End of London, where he lives. 


  • Moss likes a “tailored, sharp silhouette; like a great tailored blazer.” She says. “I like to pick really simple pieces that, when you wear them with jeans and jewelry, they just pop.”


Want to exploit some of that fast-moving underground style yourself?  Think mixes, especially grunge or punk with sexy casual denim-wear.  Add in some biker styles, especially handbags and over-jackets with studs. Get into the mood of it.  As McQueen says:


  • “It’s about a feeling.”


Stay with black; it crosses over high fashion and tough, young, even angry elements.  Keep things slightly off-center, a little different from the traditional or norm.  Put rings on center or index fingers.  Ride bracelets high up the arm, Middle-Eastern style.  Go with silver, especially tooled silver, in bracelets and rings. 



Forget about button earrings; make your choices from pieces that are dangling and modern. Include necklaces with everything.  Size them moderate to big, and color them dark and dangerous-looking.  That’s the idea!

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