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Imagine a line of wholesale fashion jewelry that is totally immune from changing fashion trends and totally immune from economic downturns.  Now let’s go a step further-imagine very few wholesalers supply it and very few retailers present it to consumers.  This is a dream product!


Now wake up from the dream because it’s real.  Most call it theme jewelry and the Cadillac is “Best Brand”.  Probably, most women in America have never seen the line and yet it has the quality that will be the future generations sought after vintage jewelry. 


Why is it immune from trends?  Because theme designs in Best Brand’s line appeal to the heart and not trend consciousness.  This fashion jewelry uses exquisite design and detail to provide immediate recognition in endless themes that go straight to a consumer’s interests.  Such superbly detailed themes magically open the door of emotion that overpowers heady decisions about fashion trends. 


The strength of the line is wholesale pendants with matching earrings.  Best Brand has a pendant and matching earrings for nearly any theme that comes to mind.  Themes as obscure as barrel racing take on life with such detail and realism the eye immediately recognizes it. 


What about Gospel singing?  There’s a pendant for that and, of course, matching earrings.  This wholesale jewelry line goes through almost every aspect of music with musical instruments and notes as well as themes in Jazz and Rock & Roll.  


Many hard to find themes populate the line like, teapots, gymnastics, cooking, and light houses as well as unique designs for more common themes like sports, sea life, flowers, pets, and animals.  But even in sports, less common themes find expression such as girl’s softball, hockey, and volleyball plus cute jewelry for cheerleaders. 


The range of pendants and earrings boggles the imagination-motorcycles, tractors, dance, occupations, inspirational, family, and animals and reptiles from swamp to safari.  If we haven’t hit a hot button yet, here’s more-pets, Seasonal jewelry, the Wild West, palm trees, birds, butterflies, ships, and pirates.  Can you think of something we haven’t mentioned?  It’s probably there. 


Yes, the themes are extensive, but the quality is just as exciting, carrying fashion jewelry to a new height.  Most pendants and earrings start with a thin sheet of steel stamped with raised relief that amazes with so much detail coming fro a single piece of metal.  Backs are sealed so the dimensionally raised pendants and earrings are hollow and light weight.  Next comes the finishing process with plating, antiqued recesses to bring out detail, and hand polishing.  Some pendants and earrings have color applied by hand.  The unbelievable factor-most wholesale under $5.00!


More proof that the Best Brand theme line is immune from fashion trends goes back to the mid-nineties when minimalism swept trends and fashion jewelry wholesalers and retailers alike were closing up shop.  During these hard times for fashion jewelry, the Best Brand theme line boomed with endless designs that could change looks as easy as changing chokers



Is it immune from the economy?  Display this fashion jewelry in your showcase with pendants and earrings that have something for everyone’s special interest and customers have to stop and study all the detail.  Can a woman that loves her Yorkie pass up a cute Yorkie pendant when she spots it?  Can a Mom so proud of her son in baseball walk away from an attractive “baseball Mom” pendant?  Especially in a bad economy the human spirit finds relief by buying some little item that brings a happy experience.  The emotional appeal of themes is just too powerful to resist!

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