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The media serves up a constant diet of bad news, yet wholesale jewelry seems undaunted as it continues to roll along.  Is wholesale jewelry the teflon accessory that nothing sticks to?  Not, quite! It just marches to a different drummer. 


Sure, bad news and the economy take their toll on high ticket items, but wholesale jewelry in the moderate price rage is far more susceptible to fashion trends than the economy and today’s trends strongly favor color and dramatic size in fashion jewelry.  This is fertile ground for wholesale fashion jewelry that delivers these trends so well. 


Beyond size and color, trends are classic, which implies a standard of excellence.  Fashion jewelry that fits into the classic framework seems to have an irresistible attraction that consumers can’t pass up. 


Components and design contribute to this intangible feature that the eye perceives as classic and semi precious stone has migrated to the top as the consumers’ favorite component.  Visit fine department stores today and you will see gemstone fashion jewelry filling the showcases.  These major retailers order well in advance of the season and have plenty of resources to make the right decisions. 




What else do we see in their professionally tailored jewelry lines?  Quality glass jewelry, especially Murano style glass jewelry is there delivering color to go with the season’s palette.  Here is classic jewelry that is truly wearable art.  And this is only the beginning of glass jewelry that has so many looks that it’s mind boggling. 




Glass jewelry can be faux pearls, just one rung below genuine in quality, or it can be faceted glass that rivals lead crystal for dressy looks.  It can be as unusual as millefiore that slices glass rods melted together to form a multitude of tiny flower designs.  Another glass art is goldstone that dates back to the Renaissance with sparkling metallic particles suspended in colored glass. 



A fall surprise in classic jewelry uses shell normally reserved for the summer.  Dark shell like black lip mother of pearl makes a spectacular statement with dyed freshwater pearls for a look that is totally fall.  Nature plays a big part in classic fashion jewelry. 


Yes, the media is pouring out bad news about the economy and wholesale fashion jewelry seems deaf to the message because economy is not its drummer.  So, fashion retailers, don’t worry about the economy; pay attention to fashion trends because fashion jewelry rises and falls to the drum beat of trends.

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