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QUIETLY IMPORTANT:  Button earrings.  They’ve been around for a long time.  Still, you won’t see them on the fashion runways this year, that’s where the hot, trendy statement jewelry is being shown off.  You also won’t see them in most fashion magazines, either; they’re featuring big, bold, new, and different pieces.  But…button earrings represent one of the most important categories of jewelry.  They sell every day of the year, year-in and year-out.  You might call them dynamos in a lambskin disguise.


What woman doesn’t have several button earrings in her accessories collection?  And, what woman couldn’t use many more?  That’s because button earrings are staples – basics, if you will.  They stand up beautifully on their own, and they also stand in for all styles of earrings, day-in and day-out.  A woman might wear chandelier earrings to a Friday night dance.  But on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, she’ll probably wear button earrings to work. 


Button earrings have multiple personalities.  They also fit just about everywhere.  They go with jeans and evening dresses.  They go with athletic clothes and beach wear.  They fit every age category, from 10 to 99.  And, as accepted as they have always been, they are now even more popular because of the extraordinary broadening out of their design definition.


                              Buttons aren’t just buttons anymore…


NEW DESIGN ACTION:  Consider that button earrings have traditionally been thought of as conservatively-sized circle or oval earrings, usually with a metal framework and a real or faux gemstone center.  Think of Dior earrings, they are the epitome of this very good-looking classic.  Now, however, there is a lot more happening here, and that is bringing a treasure trove of excitement to the “button” world.


To start with, a geometric infusion of shapes and styles is transforming the simple “button” into a much more upscale, intricate design. You can choose numerous circle and oval sizes, plus squares, multi-sided styles and even freeform designs, all of which are extending the traditional “button” into a far more complex and flexible item,.  A terrific look can be found in square “button” earrings in silver or gold plate and rich modern design. Or, a fabulous rectangular earring with silver borders framing a vivid green turquoise epoxy center.  Wow!


Then, there is color, another hot characteristic being added to the “button” standby.  Think in terms of bright, even electric colors.  Or, deep blues and blacks, a sapphire or onyx look.  Choose canary yellows and cardinal reds.  Then, put them all together in a mixing pot and voila!  You’ve got a collection of sensational multicolored earrings that combine tradition with trend for a very new look.



HOT METALLIC DIRECTION: Metal is also being used in “button” earrings in a very new and upscale way.  One interesting example is tooled silver. Another is sculptural silver or gold plate.  Another smooth oval silver plate “button” earring has all the richness of a Tiffany design, only at a reasonable price.  Of course, metal continues to play an important role as the basic structure of button earrings, with stones added for color, texture, and luxury appeal.


One of the more fascinating directions in button earrings has to do with ethnic designs.  Like images out of Africa.  Or, Zuni-inspired earrings done in epoxy and silver plate with the look of tiny turquoise stones.  Or, Celtic-inspired earrings, with a stamped silver-plate design based on the ancient Irish Book of Kells (an illustrated Bible from the 9th century, considered by the publishing world to be the most beautiful book ever put together.  It is on display at Trinity College in Dublin).


PINK DAHLIA:  The dynamite floral story so important in the fashion world now hasn’t been lost on “button” earrings, either.  Flower blossoms can be found in charming buttons that bring color and sweetness to the wearer’s ear and face.  A lovely hibiscus blossom in a pretty peach is just one design. (This is a particularly feminine style and fittingly so, since the hibiscus is the flower of the Hindu mother goddess.)  Another lovely design in this category is a pink dahlia flower with a rhinestone center.  This is an excellent choice for day or evening wear.


             Don’t underestimate the power of button earrings!


They are ideal gift items for any woman.  You can’t comfortably choose chandelier earrings for someone else, but you can choose button earrings.  As we said above, they are basics.  Staples.  And, they are anything but commonplace or boring.  A whole constellation of fascinating new “button” designs are waiting for you and your customers.  If you haven’t paid attention to button earrings recently, you’ve got a happy surprise waiting!

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