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Designers are playing peek-a-boo with the latest trend to hit the fashion world. Everything is transparent, with look-through gauzy materials giving new definition to the bare look.  The idea is cool transparency, with plenty of skin action.  It is oh! So chic, so playful, so seductive and oh! It gives accessories a wonderful opportunity to shine, shine, shine! 


Some of the new transparent fashions are remarkably creative, with designers using embroidery and other embellishments to cover strategic spots.   Then, accessories are piled high on top of the entire creation for an even more stylized look.  Vera Wang, for example, used layer after layer of see-through materials throughout her latest collection. 


SHEER DYNAMICS; One of her outfit features a sheer silk organza tunic over an embroidered top.  On top of that:  a fabulous black and white beaded necklace of multiple circles that looked somewhat like a huge chandelier earring hanging down the front of the dress.   And, between the over necklace and the bottom sheer layer:  a long, thin and heavy necklace line of chunky black beads. These are strange ideas!  Who ever heard of one necklace over the other?  But, it works.


Alexander Wang is also hot for transparency.  Consider his wild and sexy super-short mini dress with zigzag black embroidery roaming all over, yet leaving plenty of sheer see through in its path.  The major factor here:  bracelets and wrist watches.  These are not your ordinary bracelets with a nice dress, mind you.  In this case, Wang uses multiple heavy silver jewelry on both arms, all of it with a somewhat mechanical mentality. 


NEW LOOK FOR BRACELETS: There are big and thick square silver bracelets that could be machine parts, heavy cuffs, thick banded watches with big square faces (on both arms, for goodness sake!) and here and there a skinny little silver bangle for interest.  And wow!  Does this create interest!  You don’t know which to look at first, the dress or the wrist-action.


Of course, transparency is nothing new to fashion, it has long been used to intrigue and

entrance.   This season’s newest sheer ideas do all that and more!  Many of the fashions seem to be little more than breezy, billowy material designed over outfits; yet, they give the base look a different, more sophisticated, more finished look.  With the addition of accessories, the idea comes through very strongly.


LAYER IT ON!  Overlay a transparent silk organza overshirt with colorful beads, preferably with a fashion pendant hanging down.  Add more interest with a long silver or gold-plated chain necklace.  For a really dynamic effect, add bracelets galore, practically any that you personally like will work here.  A great look can be achieved with wood stretch cuffs or silver-plated bangles or all together.  Combine the heavier bracelets with smaller, more delicate ones, like a simple link chain bracelet, and you’re right on with the present trend. 



It is amazing how good the latest craze for statement jewelry looks with transparent fabrics. The unexpected contrast between heavy and light, bold and quiet, big and small often takes you by surprise, yet never fails to entrance.  It is a vibrant updated look, different from practically anything that we have seen before, when fragile fabrics and fragile jewelry were the only combination to have.  Everything is different now!  Even color is used in a startling, strong contrasting manner, with a pale pink or blue embroidered gauzy top worn with big black or dark grey necklaces, often in multiples.  Consider hematite for a great look: It is color-trendy, and works beautifully with the latest transparency story.  


HEMATITE IS POPULAR:  Multiple strand hematite necklaces or a hematite necklace with a popular pendant, such as a Scottie dog or carved frog, create an exciting look for otherwise airy, diaphanous transparent fabrics. Earrings also make a dramatic presence with this new look.  Some great looks include linear drop earrings, plain or with circular disks that look like tiger’s eye.  Just choose big earrings to make a statement here.


In many ways, the new transparency look is like a blank piece of paper on which accessories can play out their individual charm and power.  For example, many of the transparent designs show a great deal of skin, but still tend to be unadorned by themselves.  Accessories are the lightning rod to the total look.

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