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Who dresses to wow ‘em in the office every work day?  Who keeps a keen eye out for what other women are wearing, what’s new, what’s fun, what’s flattering?  Who wants to look great … but still pretty much keep to a budget?  

                                           The working woman!

This huge group has everything you’d want in a customer:  Every payday gives her some spending money for personal indulgences like jewelry and other accessories.   She spends time planning her wardrobe, and walks out her door every morning with a fresh, fashionable look. 


NEW FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS:   Think the huge, oversized necklaces that are so popular now aren’t “quite right” for the office?  Think again!  All the old rules of played-down, conservative dressing are gone with the last century!  Women everywhere, in every type of business, have a new freedom in career fashion.  Bling is In?  Bring it on for 9 to 5!  Skip the single strand of  dainty pearls – choose instead the “landscape” multiple gold or silver plated longer chains dripping with lustrous pearls or crystals and colorful glass beads!


Never before have women–your neighbors and mine–been so keenly aware of personal “packaging.”  Women of all ages are intent on creating a special, individual style that suits them, and that never has to be compromised by what was once a uniform dress code.

Leave the uniform style for the men, and there’s plenty of latitude in what the working woman can choose. 


BIG IS BEAUTIFUL:  And she invariably goes with current fashion hits:  Big rings, like chunky dome rings, bulky silver plated nugget rings, or mammoth CZ cocktail rings.  Big earrings, like huge hoops or jeweled buttons or chandelier types.  Lots of precious-look metal bracelets, especially big cuffs or bangles, and these can be sleekly modern or intricately ornate.  Necklaces of all lengths and types, the more the merrier.  Fashion watches whose color matches the outfit for the day.  Fashion sunglasses that also coordinate with that outfit, and are big enough to add an exciting aura of celebrity.   Accessories perceived as “status” are always high on the shopping list.


And brooches.  These can be a treasure for the ambitious working woman.  While others take liberties with their workday fashion, the woman who wants to be a CEO tends to hew to the “new conservative” mode.   A colorful suit will do, nicely tailored, with a stunning enameled or jeweled brooch a la, say, Martha Stewart, high on the left shoulder.  Add rich-looking samplings of in-vogue jewelry to complete the power look.




SUPER CUSTOMERS:  But the young, fresh-from-school working women are pure gold.  Most still live at home or share an apartment, so a greater proportion of their income can be lavished on themselves.  At this stage, they’re highly social and active in a wide range of venues – which means they want and buy lots of stuff yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Keep them coming with a steady product inflow of hot, trendy personal items.  A good pick now:  the oh-so-popular felt fedoras modeled in a slew of top designers’ fall shows.


Luggage-size handbags, hold-everything tote bags, business-keyed leather goods?  Women need them all for important papers, toting stiletto heels (or sneakers, when she switches footwear), a magazine or two, snacks and the ever present water bottle.


Today’s working women bring color, verve and vitality into the workplace every day.  It’s their style to adapt the environment to comfortably house both fashion and work performance.


Special Servicing:   In an office of any size, there are sure to be celebrations of fellow workers’ marriage, childbirth, retirement, or outstanding achievement.  This greatly expands the areas of product interest for your working women customers.  Sports-themed pins or key rings may have special appeal for the active player or fan.  If you are lucky to have repeat customers, see if she has a particular theme she loves; perhaps a certain color, or, say, a floral or modern-art motif.   And no one appreciates a special sale like a working woman!

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