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A new gold rush is on, and watch out!  — Because if you are in the fashion accessories industry, you are right in the middle of it!  This is real gold hysteria, with a frenzy we haven’t seen in some time. It is a new excitement, a new drama, a new kind of lust for that shimmering stuff men have killed and died for over the centuries. 


Just look around you.  Gold handbags.  Gold stockings.  Gold shoes.  Gold dresses.  Gold hats.  And. of course, the wildest, richest, most desirable of all: gold jewelry. Ah, you may say, but “what has that got to do with costume jewelry and something less than Armani-priced wardrobes or Prada-cost bags?”  What, in other words, has that got to do with your business? 

    —Well, this is the shocker:  Right now, gold has everything to do with your business, your sales and your profits. 


GOLD PRICES SOAR: Consider this:  Prices for gold have shot up to the hemisphere, recently commanding as much as $1,000 an ounce.   And this is happening at a time when large, chunky, impressive jewelry is all the rage.  As a result, some young designers (and some well-known names as well) have chosen to continue making the popular large pieces, but (to keep prices affordable) to use gold plating rather than pure gold.


   — This is news!  With the newest electroplating technology, craftsmen can create unique jewelry with opulent looks, proven durability and resistance to scratching or mars.  And the amazing thing is this is gold, real gold, the kind second storey men risk their lives for, the kind that has set men mad with desire over the centuries. Well, yes, it is admittedly gold plate, but it is a new, more durable plate that looks, feels, shimmers and reacts just like pure gold, only at a fraction of the price. What could be better? 


So whether you’re in the market for a golden tiara studded with rhinestones (consider a “glowing candle light” tiara), or a wide modern basket weave textured cuff with sparkling gold finish, or dozens of  bracelets and cuffs that wrap around the wrist with this monied-pretending marvel, you are certain to find glittering pieces to your customers’ liking, whatever their age.  Because everyone loves gold!


TEARS OF THE SUN: The ancient Greeks believed gold was a solid merger of water and sunlight-what marvelous imagery!  And in a way, it did make sense: water, because gold was often found in streams, and sunlight, because of gold’s lustrous brilliance.  In the new world, the Incas called gold the “tears of the sun,” again connecting its color and dazzle to old Sol.  Gold has always had universal appeal, dating back thousands of years, to about 4000 B.C. But formerly, gold was limited to the very rich, only.


Today, all of that has changed. CZs or colorful, faux gemstones on the newest gold-plated chain necklaces catch the light, and shimmer with movement, as perceptually real as real can be! Gold chain necklaces have never been more popular. And it’s great to have a basic golden chain, just the right style and size, that hits you just so – and to have a variety of pendants or slides to use with it … some for every day, some for dress up, and some just for fun. 



A top seller is a large, dome-shaped faux amber pendant with gold-plated overlays with embedded crystals.  Try ignoring that!  Or, try overlooking the spectacular geometric gold-plated pendants on the market right now, many with raised relief; pendants that capture and reflect light and are as resplendent at an afternoon garden party as an evening affair.



IT’S THE IMPACT THAT MATTERS:  Brooches especially benefit from golden touches, and images of birds, flowers and butterflies combine enameled color and precious-metal appearance to enhance today’s fashions.   Gold-plated earrings, drop earrings especially, frame the face with a golden glow that’s unmistakably warm and inviting. What with manmade CZ diamonds and gemstones, lustrous faux pearls, brilliant faceted crystals and quality gold plating, it often doesn’t matter if the jewelry is pure gold or gold plated — it’s the total impact that matters.  


But gold is more than that pure shiny metal that has mesmerized men over the centuries.  It is also a color, and the essential impact of gold metallic materials.  It is the light in a magnificent snake’s skin, and the golden streaks in a fabulous western sunset. And all of that, and more, is entrancing the fashion field now.


Gold scarves are often magnificent, especially those with India-Indian styles and that nation’s traditional gold-threaded designs. Shiny golden metallic totes or little golden metallic clutches are fun and fabulous, casual or formal, as you like. When it is gold, it is special. Adding gold to your inventory can give it new life, new magnetic properties.  Displaying gold products can play to that non-stop human instinct of desire, boosting sales and customer satisfaction, both at the same time.  After all, this is gold we’re talking about.  GOLD


What would you give for it?

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