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Just look at these necklaces and bracelets – they are so over the top!  What is going on here?  Necklaces literally encrusted with metal and gemstones – thick, weighty, and shocking to see – don’t just accessorize an outfit, they overwhelm it! 


Necklaces are piled on and on and on…and even just one of these necklaces is a major design creation, made up of enough glass and metal and stones and plastic and who-knows-what-else to ordinarily complete a dozen or more pieces. But with the newest look in jewelry, all the material in the world is just about enough for one creation. 


Bracelets follow the big-is-better mantra, and they are just as incredible to see.  How can anyone use their hands when the wrists are so heavily and weightily covered with “stuff?”  These are super-sized items; they stand inches away from the wrist, making so simple a task as writing just about impossible! 


UPTRENDING EXCESS:  Bold, phenomenal bracelets  made of metal or gems (or any other material you can think of) are really cuffs, not just bracelets, and they are thick with riches, maybe four or five inches wide, and another two or three inches deep. To capitalize on the uptrending direction, they are not worn singly, but on both wrists, and then in multiples, running up each arm at least to the elbow. 


                                        Can you imagine? 


But of course, you can imagine. And with this strong emphasis on jewelry, what could be better?  Few people will be absurd enough to follow the direction literally.  What it means is that many women will wear more than one necklace or bracelet at a time.  They will wear several…and that means more sales and greater focus on jewelry in general. 

Demonstrating to your customers how to recreate this look can be interesting and profitable.


ITALIAN GLASS:  Start with glass, because glass necklaces are frequently the strong base for this look.  Go for large pieces.  Try plenty of Murano glass, in necklaces and bracelets.  The colors here are rich, vibrant, and well suited to the hot style. Consider amber or green Murano glass bracelets, or perhaps one done in a leopard print, again, very well suited to the story line.  Opt for long necklaces, on chains or cords, and especially those with pendants.  Long black glass pendant necklaces have the added benefit of giving a Biker attitude to the overall effect:  Great merchandising!


As for the amount of jewelry worn?  Well, we would say this all looked like someone emptied their jewelry box out and then put it all on,  but there is far more to this portrait than any jewelry box could contain.  The overall effect is more like the inventory for a store, and not a small one, at that. Oh, my goodness!


So, you have to choose your pieces, although not that carefully. A lot of what this look says has to do with apparent disorder. You might also consider it very young, because it is guaranteed to “freak out” the older generation. What’s more, it could remind you of a teenager’s bedroom! Nothing better than that! 


PRICED TO KILL:  Prices aren’t low (in fact, prices sometimes skyrocket) and it is understandable.  As we said before:  Just look at these necklaces and bracelets!  There are a lot of big players in this field, as well.  Names like Jose and Maria Barrera, Swarovski, Steven Webster for Bergdorf Goodman, Cartier, Bulgari, and Loorie Rodkin at Neiman Marcus. Prices per necklace start at about $300, and then soar in the stratosphere, upwards of $3 or $4,000 or more. But, since these are the people who start the trends, it’s advisable to pay attention to what they are doing.


Not all big jewelry really looks like jewelry, even though it may be worn that way. 

For example, an agate, jade, glass, jasper and Swarovski crystal necklace hangs to the waist and really looks like a sculpture inspired by Joan Miro paintings, very modern, big, with bursts of well defined color and form on double glass oval plates.  It is sort of like something you might see (but assuredly never have seen) in the outer reaches of a clear winter sky. It frankly gets you, whether or not you like it.



You can get the same effect with other pieces.  Try working with big glass necklaces, especially those with pancake-shaped glass beads that give the illusion they are changing color before your eyes. Or add some chunky crystal pieces to your neckline mix:  black glass beads are terrific here, as are chunky amethyst-colored pieces. Long millefiori necks are also dynamite but, since they are often rather delicate looking, you should use several together.  Then, the result is fabulous! Remember you don’t have to be quite as big, or quite as crazy, just so long as you evoke the same response, and put forth the same impression.  


GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION:  One leading fashion magazine suggests wearing a massive sculpture piece with numerous other necklaces, each of them equally breathtaking, most of them expressing some serious geometry.  Consider a three-dimensional trapezoid about four inches around, done in black resin and worn as a necklace above an art piece. Then add on a big engraved gold plate glass necklace worn as a choker, along with a brass and glass necklace, a big circular gold pendant necklace, and some odds and ends of beads, all clumped together and often lying one on top of the other in some disarray, and you’ve got the picture.  Oh, hey…don’t forget the big, bold, silver ball hanging earrings, sort of a set within a set.  Whew!  



The idea here is different.  Very big.  Sometimes ethnic, especially American Indian and African.  Always show-stopping.  A hinged bangle bracelet with tribal designs worn up the arm in multiples is a straight “Out of Africa” idea.  Or, a leopard skin-like cuff bracelet:  Very Dark Continent..  Pile them on! And while everything initially may look chaotic (and perhaps a little insane), you can actually extrapolate ideas that are immensely usable.  This is all different, yes…but you can work with it. 


A metal shell necklace in plated pewter is a handsome and dynamite tribal item.  It looks hand crafted, another plus here.  You might also consider a large round tribal metallic medallion hanging from a mixed beaded necklace.  Wow!  All of these pieces give a certain zip to the overall heavy neckline effect.


RINGS ON MY FINGERS:  Oh, by the way, should we ignore rings in the chunky-galore story?  Never!  Think in terms of big rings on every finger.  Rings that are as often traditional (with filigree and marcasite settings) as outer-space modern.              Beautiful gemstone rings, usually with a center-set faceted or cabochon stone in brilliant color.


And then take off from there! Just remember: nothing, NOTHING, is too big, too far out, too wild for this uptrending jewelry story.

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