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THE GOBLINS WILL GET YOU!  There’s plenty of advance time to wear goblin costume jewelry – department stores and specialty stores set out orange and black decorations and all sorts of Halloween goods to herald the coming holiday as early as late August.  It’s scary time again! Oooooooooo!  


All of September and October provide weeks and weeks for fans to sport pins, pendants, bracelets, earrings themed to Halloween symbols:  witches, ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, skeletons, tombstones.  These suggest supernatural powers and scary omens pointing to all the fun coming soon on the big night of October 31st

       –But don’t forget, with all the shivers and shakes of ghosts and goblins, Halloween is still the second biggest holiday of the year, in terms of consumer spending, surpassed only by Christmas.  And, there’s nothing scary about that!    


Probably the best-known and loved Halloween symbol is the pumpkin jack o’lantern, with a candle flickering within a hollowed-out pumpkin.  And this jack o’ lantern image also makes for striking, colorful jewelry, such as orange pumpkin-face bead bracelets for girls of all ages. 


Women’s drop earrings with matching smiling-face pumpkin pendants are perfect choices to get in the mood early.  Black and orange glass bead bracelets feature charms of the whole array of Halloween symbols, and variations on this theme are many.


HALLOWEEN IS FOR EVERYBODY:  Get Dad into the act, too.  Suggest some fabulous Halloween ties that have orange jack o’ lanterns interspersed with white-outlined black bats on a dark background.  Or a cascade of entertaining pumpkin-face cartoons laughing it up.  Or a tie that ensnares a wide range of Halloween emblems that shout:  “Happy Halloween!”  It’s all Dad needs to lead the family fun!




Jewelry picks needn’t be totally exclusive to Halloween.  You can choose cross-over themes from strong fashion trends, like pirate images and skulls that work perfectly for Halloween, and carry on fashionably throughout the year.   Beautifully detailed antique silver-plated charms on heavy links form a delectable pirate bracelet, with dangling anchor, skull, and pirate paraphernalia. 


Or pick an antique gold-plated toggle bracelet, dangling a large, deftly detailed skull and crossbones charm, complete with a prominently set flashing crystal – worthy of the best designers’ logos!


BLACK CATS:  Halloween is harvest time, so the farmer’s beloved scarecrow is another figure you’ll find in this holiday’s silvery jewelry collections, in earrings, pins, pendants and as charms.  And, for the superstitious, black cats galore!  Again, pendants, pins or drop earrings that might suspend a pair of charming enameled black cats on chain on each ear.   Purr-fect.


The black silhouette of the jubilant witch riding on her broom against the silvery moon makes for stunning earrings or pin.  And witches mix ominously with all the other figures-black cats, black bats, spiders or spider webs, tombstones…combination pins array them all in clever juxtaposition to snare attention … and spark impulse sales.



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SEEN AT THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION:  With all the hoopla and hammering, it was interesting to see a certain degree of conservatism (excuse me!) in the jewelry choices of several of the main personalities at the Democratic National Convention last week. The big winner:  Pearls.  It seems just about everybody who was anybody (and female) had on a demure choker of ivory pearls, along with matching earrings. Even the female TV announcers stayed true to form in the pearls-are-pretty mode. One network personality stood way out by wearing little pearl “drop” earrings.  They looked beautiful, but certainly unusual in this climate of super bold bling-a-ling. 

        Hillary Clinton chose to wear a charming, multi-colored and multi-strand gemstone choker for her big speech. Another maverick!  And another unexpected jewelry touch at the Denver Center: A tiny white flower pin on 7-year-old Sasha Obama’s shoulder.  That did look sweet.

       The men at the Convention were all dressed in dark, mostly black, power suits and they all had on single color shiny ties. This, again, applied to TV announcers as well as V.I.P. conventioneers. The big tie colors here:  Blue, pink, and yellow.  Senator Obama, however, wore a shiny red stripe tie, a good choice for underwriting an assertive and self-assured demeanor. Red says a lot about you. Still, it didn’t look that different from all the other ties on and off camera all four nights.   

       An offbeat note at the Pepsi Center:  lots of men wore diamond stud earrings, some with just one earring, some wearing studs in both ears.  Studs are quiet, and easy to miss, but there were enough men comfortably wearing earrings for them to stand out in a strong way. 

        –Hey, they all looked just great!

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