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PURSE HOOKS:  What wonderful, brilliant, practical little gizmos!  Every woman who owns a handbag and goes to restaurants needs one – in fact, she needs several, one for each bag.

The retail price tag on these little guys is low, but with multiple sales just about guaranteed, each sale itself becomes more than comfortable.


What are purse hooks all about?  They are a relatively new, attractive fashion accessory that protects your handbag. The anchor side of the hook attaches easily to a table top, while the purse hanger hook hangs down below to hold your handbag comfortably off the floor, clean and sanitary.  This is a dream market, because once women understand what purse hooks are all about, they all want one.  And, right now, very few women own one. So…the story is simple: 


      This is a virgin market and purse hooks promise major sales.      

The side of the purse hook that slides onto the table ledge is usually ornamental, but designed so as to make no mark or impression on the table itself. Themes include butterflies, hearts, apples, pirates, tennis balls, even little handbags…and that’s just for starters. 


Is your clientele religious?  Then you’ll really appreciate the variety of spiritual purse hooks available, running from crosses to angels.  Some purse hooks include inspirational passages from the Bible, or from popular spiritual stories, such as the famous “Footprints.”  This is, incidentally, a great item for church fairs or giveaways related to church fund raising.


POUCHES:  Many purse hooks come with their own little pouches, so they can be comfortably kept in a handbag when not in use.  And, hey, here’s where we really ought to mention some of the real problems women encounter with their handbags in a restaurant when they don’t own a purse hook. 


Are these things familiar?  Your handbag is on the floor.  It gets dirty, stained, or scratched.  It’s on the chair next to you, and in the way of other diners who might want to sit there.  It’s on your lap, and very uncomfortable (especially with today’s luggage-sized bags).  It’s on the table, and in the way of everybody, not to mention how messed up it can get there. It’s slung over the back of your chair but…oh!  What an attraction to a thief this is!  The universal answer to all these problems? A purse hook!  Rarely does an item come along that is so smart.


IDEAL GIFTS:  Purse hooks are ideal gifts, especially when your customer is looking for something to just say “thank you” or “I was thinking of you,” but does not want to overspend and then create an obligation.  They also make delightful favors for parties.  They make charming little add-on gifts; i.e., you’re giving somebody a handbag?  Add on a purse hook.  There is no way you can wrong with these products.  They are pretty, practical, unique, and needed (even if most women don’t know that yet). Once your customer has a purse hook, however, she will forever know how much she needed one!



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HOT PROGRAM FOR SELLING:  South Coast Plaza is a 275-unit collection of luxury shopping emporiums in Costa Mesa, California, in sunny Orange County, practically alongside of Disneyland. The interesting thing here is that the many jewelry stores in the complex have recently hit on a “golden” program for major sales:


                               Focusing on oneofakind items.


Even with all the economic problems hitting the state, the exclusivity system is working wonders. 


Tiffany is enjoying increased traffic ever since it added a diamond salon to its Plaza store (think CZs and rhinestones for a less costly product that can be expected to respond to the same selling idea). Cartier is literally “cashing in” big time with its enlarged bridal selection.  And even Rolex is getting in on the action, touting its rare Ice Watch as “the most expensive Rolex ever made.”  Talk about one-of-a-kind specials!  Baccarat has further helped its sales soar by adding exclusive products and enhancing its jewelry displays. 

—People, it seems, like to feel special, at all levels of the economic ladder. They want products that are different, unique.  And they respond to the way those products are shown off, with elegance and taste.

Capture the look of one-of-a-kind items by following the category links from Wholesale Jewelry–Classic Styles.

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