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CONVENTION FRENZY:  The zany hats, huge signs and painted-face antics of political conventions are in focus once again, as the United States moves into its once-every-four-year extravaganza aimed at producing two major candidates for President.  Expect this year to be particularly emotional, with high stakes and battling delegates fighting every inch of the way to countdown.


Even in the mildest of times, this is a time of loony behavior, and intensely emotional outbursts. This year, things will no doubt reach an even higher pitch, as we grapple with a truly historic Presidential run…not so different from the pre-convention months we’ve already gone through. Wild and wacky but amazingly workable!

Right now, things are getting into full swing.  The conventions are starting. The huge convention halls will soon be brimming over with representatives from every state, and all kinds of creative (even silly) ways of expressing candidate choices will be on display, as delegates vote, argue, and mug for the TV cameras..   

 EVERYDAY ANTICS, TOO:  Back home, the action won’t be much quieter.  Politics will be the topic of the day.  In offices, school rooms, restaurants, you name it, Americans will be sporting  candidates’ name buttons, and wearing red/white/blue jewelry, ties or other accessories, trying to show that they are more American than the other guy because their candidate is the right one to choose.  Later on, Americans come together but for now it is strictly partisan politics, all the way.

Solet’s have fun with it!


Get out the paraphernalia; look at the Parties, and the Party symbols.  The donkey for Dems, the elephant for Republicans, are must-haves and guaranteed big sellers.  They make for ID pendants, pins and earrings that proclaim party allegiance to the world.  These party animals are made up in exuberant poses, and project a winning attitude. Look at some of them for sheer entertainment value — that donkey can really kick its heels up!  Just what partisans want and need to ratchet up excitement.


DON’T FORGET FASHION:  For women of the party, choose a rhinestone flag pin, festooned with red, blue and clear stones in an elegant gold or silver plated setting.  This handsome pin is 1-1/2″ high x 0.75″ wide, and makes a strong Americana statement on a garment, scarf, hat…or even pinned to a shoulder bag or tote.  Other metal-craft pins duplicate the U.S.tricolors in cloisonné stripes and stars, and convert simple designs of, say, an apple, or a floppy hat, into a U.S. election emblem. 



And the same heart-stirring color mix of red, blue and white beads create on-point bracelets in a current fashion mode as well as a win-the-election mood.  These are Election-Day favorites, and new bead combinations and sizes have ever-fresh appeal.

Don’t miss the beaded charm bracelets, with lots of meaning in those dangling charms.


TIES TO THE PARTY:  Americana ties are wonderful color splashes of the waving flag, or red and white striping offset by blocks of white stars on a royal blue ground.  Many different tie designs are keyed to this rally-round-the-flag motif, and instill an actively positive, patriotic mood.  These ties are all standard length, with a smooth, silk feel, made of wrinkle resistant durable polyester. 


Other visual details used with the flag image are dramatic full-color depictions of our national emblem, the Bald Eagle, as well as inspirational phrases such as “In God We Trust.” 


WHERE’S YOU FLAG PIN?  Mini flag lapel pins, like those worn by President Bush and members of Congress, come singly or in a trio of designs.  The single flag pin measures ¾” x 1″, and the smaller trio of pins are ¾” x ¾”.  The 3-D color finish for all of these pins is quality cloisonné.  The trio makes it possible to set a pin in place on each of three garments – so you don’t have to move the pin as you change clothes.  And the price is so right.  (There was a lot of controversy over the flag pin earlier this year, but now everyone is wearing one, despite Party affiliation. Consider lapel pins to be a BIG market.)


Another favorite is the Americana flag Visor – great for parades or gatherings, it sports an artful montage of American flags.  The visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and is held securely in place by a comfortable, coiled elastic band.  And it looks terrific.


MORE AMERICANA:  Patriot’s pride pendant/pins also include tricolor ribbon bows with clear stones set into the deep blue stripes.  Simple cross-over ribbon pendant/pins feature rhinestones set in Americana colors…or, to indicate support for our troops, in golden background and yellow rhinestones.  These metal jewelry pieces will retain their colorful good looks for many elections to come.  Each measures 1-1/2″ in length.


Customers may choose to simply display the American flag itself – available in sizes ranging from 6″ x 8″ on a stick (good for hanging in the home or office), to a full 34″ x 61″ flag in lasting polyester, outfitted with 2 eyelets for outdoor display.  For economical purchasers or promoter give-aways, stock the 6″ x 9″ full-color plastic flag on a stick.

Great for flag-wavers of all ages!


Are you ready? Here come the 2008 conventions! 

              — Hey, buddylet me tell you why my candidate is the best guy….

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