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Is there anything more fitting the Romantic Look in fashion now than a small black velvet ribbon tied gently around the neck, set off by a center cameo or gemstone?  With all the bling and glitz and glamour, this traditional jewelry item actively competes with them all!

Chokers of course are not all so traditional or down-played.  But they all hold a special place in a woman’s wardrobe, being remarkably flexible in what they can be worn with.  A choker looks great with a high necked outfit or a fashionable, big sleeved white blouse, or a hot low-cut T-shirt.


Chokers often over-ride (that is to say, are higher than) the neckline of an outfit; therefore, they really don’t compete or conflict with it.  What’s more, human anatomy plays into choker popularity with panache:  consider just how terrific a small or medium sized choker pendant looks positioned at the hollow of the neck. A Parisian couturier couldn’t have designed the combination better!


COLOR INTENSITY:  Small, delicate little chokers made up of colored beads bring verve to the face.  Glass beads are dynamite color reflectors, and this season is particularly good for them since many of the more intense color waves are coming back on stream.  Yes, summer colors are still fashionable and will remain so through the winter months as a new year-round color consciousness sets in, but deeper colors add to the mix right now and are a comfortable addition to the popsicle hues you may already have in your inventory.

     –Wines, purples, black, darker blues and greens, along with amber rather than bright yellow, all mix well in the gemstone or beaded choker story.  A multistrand seed bead choker in black is a high fashion statement just right for this time of year. 



Single strand beaded choker necklaces come in a wide variety of designs, but one of the best looking is a choker of freshwater pearls, both traditional and hip.  White or dyed freshwater pearls are terrific, and can be chosen to fit any outfit. 





METALLIC MAGIC:  Of all the chokers available, metallic designs are probably the most important, particularly plated gold and silver. You can achieve a very feminine, delicate look, as the choker gracefully sweeps over the neckline, or you can opt for a more updated look, with big, “I-spent a-lot of-money-on-this” single or multistrand metallic chokers filling in the neckline of an outfit. You can get omega chokers, or hammered silver-plate chokers. The options go on and on…


The hot thing about these metal chokers is that they open worlds of pendant play.  You can hang almost anything on them, and the look is dynamite. Some already come with pendants, like little CZ circles.  If you aren’t into metal, you can go the hot cord look, and choose, perhaps, a woven leatherette choker which is equally open to embellishment with pendants.


A major pendant theme now is the heart.  How about a puffy silver heart with open work?  Or a Victorian style vintage heart?  Or a gorgeous little red crystal heart?  These are all fabulous heart pendants just made to be displayed on a choker necklace.  



Religious chokers are always in demand and the more you inventory the better your chances for turning this specialty sector into a very successful niche market. Crosses and angels are just a couple of many pendant themes that are handsome with chokers. But, depending on your market area, you might also want to consider religious medals to round out your offerings.  


CHAINS VIBRATE:  Of course, there is always the young and dangerous corner of the fashion field where hot chains vibrate and high energy gives a rebellious edge to designs.  Chokers fit into this arena with ease.  Consider almost any style, especially metallic, to go with Biker Looks.  Choose anything black for the Goth or even Bondage story.  Think about dog collars of several years ago, still selling now, and the even more timely and trendy (if weird looking) pointy spike chokers rocking the field.

                                            –They shake you up?  Hey…that’s the idea!



Beijing’s late night scene, estimated at about 20,000 revelers and growing, is creating a   new club scene unlike anything Communism has seen before.  Here a mostly young crowd can be seen gyrating and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. The clubs are spectacular, the music is wildly synthesized, and fresh ideas (except on politics, which is a no-no) are freely bandied about in a western-oriented experience that has come into existence almost overnight. 

       “Beijing is everything you want to see,” says Henry Lee, an offbeat entrepreneur who, in his early forties, is considered by many to be the father of the city’s late-night scene.  Lee has already opened nine after-hours spots and isn’t shy about his attitude toward the Chinese capital. “Beijing is the best,” he declares.  Lee wears a goatee, white shirt, black sweater and … a bracelet made of red beads!  What a look for men!  Could it become international?  Hey, why not? As in Beijing, so in South Beach.

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