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FORGET ABOUT RULES:   One of the fabulous things about fashion today is that looks matter more than rules.  What you like, what you think looks good, is where it is at.  White can be worn after Labor Day, and who would ever limit their shoe wardrobe to only black?  Direct this modern day psychology of freedom and abundance to jewelry and it opens up worlds of fashion possibilities that didn’t exist just a few years ago. More is more and…everything is flexible! 

Consider bracelets. Wearing only one at a time could be downright boring.  What’s more, bracelets don’t have to be worn only against the skin. They can be put on top of a long sleeved sweater or T, effecting a gorgeous look! Pile them on, the more the merrier. 


With flexible bracelets, as most beaded bracelets are, the fashion choices are especially BIG.  Put a yellow beaded bracelet against a black or blue sweater and wow!  Instant drama.  Let a delicate beaded bracelet fall down below a long sleeved white blouse, gracing the hand with color, and you begin to get the feel of the:

new jewelry dynamics.     

You can always go with classic fashion expressions, but why limit yourself?  Think about these charming bracelet beads and give them the creative uses they deserve!


CERAMIC AND ANTIQUE:  Beads are wildly popular right now, as they have been for several seasons.  The variety and choices here are almost endless, running from archeological-looking varieties to modern, transparent glass or Lucite beads with a Bulgari sensibility.  Shapes are as myriad as colors. Some are oval, some are faceted, some mimic cabochon gemstones.  Many are carved, such as ceramic and antique beads available with an old American Indian appearance.


The age of the wearer is never a factor with beaded bracelets, either; they work for everyone.  And the stretch quality helps them bridge a variety of body types, from very thin to large. What could be better for gift-giving?  — No worry about fit!


Have a classics enthusiast as a client?  Bring out some faux pearl bracelets.  Or show off the elegant plated bead bracelets that give voice to the luxe metallic rush moving across the industry right now.  These beautiful pieces go well with other gold plated bracelets, too, on the same or opposite wrist.  They also make a great fashion play-off against each other!


CELEBRITY POWER: The celebrity impact on beaded bracelets can’t be over-estimated. Gwyneth Paltrow wears a blue-toned multi-strand beaded bracelet on one wrist, and a wide rigid silver bracelet on the other for a beautifully subtle, attractive look.  Charlize Theron also wears bracelets on both wrists at the same time, one notably a double strand large beaded bracelet, the other a more rigid beaded design in matching color.  Artsy.  Classy.  Bohemian.

                  — But, don’t forget the color.  Beaded jewelry brings color to the wrist in a special way and color always (yes, always!) adds a special dimension of fashion and beauty to the wearer.  And you just don’t get better color than with beaded jewelry.


Color, of course, is one of the most desired qualities of beaded bracelets.  Think about a big black glass beaded bracelet set against an outfit expressing the incisive and sophisticated black design look so strong now. This is both hip and urbane, working sales motivation across market segments.  Mardi Gras colored beads are fun for a pre-Lenten expression of wild abandon, or as an everyday connection to the extraordinary individualism that is New Orleans. 


COLORWORKS:  Multicolored beads are leaders in the present fashion field.  Multicolored stretch bracelets are easy to wear and great for all seasons.  They run the gamut from small, dainty and often multi-strand varieties to big, bold single strand balls of colorworks.  Clustered beads on stretch bracelets can be single or multicolored; either way, they are rich and impressive.  The multi-color direction can also be expressed in two or more different colored bracelets worn together:


Seen dancing this week in a Beijing nightery…a beautiful Asian girl in

Western attire wearing two double-strand beaded bracelets tight to the

wrist, one in ivory, the other amber.  Very hot! 


But … beaded jewelry isn’t limited to hot spots. Night clubs are one thing, but beads are as much at home in church, on the beach, in school, or at work.  Indeed, small beaded bracelets have been used for centuries as prayer beads by people worldwide. High schools often order a collection of bracelets in school colors for their students.  Beads fit every and any situation, dress up or casual. And, the fun is, the more you learn about beads, the more intriguing they become. What great conversation starters…!

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