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Wow!  Where has the year gone?  New wholesale ladies dress hats are arriving and retailers are buying the hats that will carry them through the rest of the year.  Felts this season include new colors in elegant styles.  

 Classic fashion continues to rule and that means retro looks are in.  The cloche of the 1920s returns reinforced by movies like The Changeling set in the twenties with Angelina Jolie looking elegant in a cloche.  Felt cloches with trim provide conservative church hats as well as homecoming hats.  Satin and feather trims add some pop to the simplicity of the felt bodies. 


Black promises to be big in the fall so expect plenty of black dress hats to go with apparel.  Matte trims like faux suede tone down a look for pure elegance.  The hat shown uses sparse decoration with brim up for a kettle shape.  Flattened crowns continue in popularity. 



Lampshade shapes provide sophistication for church hats.  Think Audrey Hepburn here with a style that goes back to the sixties.  These wholesale dress hats have a wider brim that makes more of a statement and an excellent color selection for fall will grab customers’ attention.  Lavish satin decoration creates the special look church ladies like without sacrificing elegance. 



Widebrims were the exciting design for summer and continue into the fall with felts.  Satin decoration embellishes dress hats for church wear while simple felt swingers provide a fabulous accessory for business apparel.  Five and six inch brims were the show-stealers for summer and will also continue for fall.   



Turned up brims in kettle shapes provide the favorite look for homecoming hats.  Homecoming hats are often hard to find, which gives your business an advantage in a needed item.  Satin decoration and even covered crowns add a stunning flair.  These wholesale hats also serve the ladies that want a more conservative look in church hats.  Color selections are excellent for the fall palette. 



Also new are red felts with purple trim for the ladies that love their red hats.  The one shown is a squared crown with widebrim that rolls down for a stunning look.  Satin trim with a sprinkling of feather biots steps up the look.  These ladies never seem to get enough of red hats. 


It’s August and steamy hot, but fall dress hat business starts early because consumers realize that many wholesalers sell out and don’t reorder, which limits retailers.  .  The main reason is most hats are imported by sea and the season doesn’t have enough time for reorders.  So stock early because customers will be shopping early.

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