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ELECTION SPECIAL:  Love her or not, Hillary Clinton’s historic campaign to win the democratic nomination for president is just one more indication of how women’s roles in our society have shifted mightily in a very short period of time.

 Today women are heads of huge corporations, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, electricians.  There is hardly an industry or a profession that isn’t open to today’s woman.  Many women still prefer to be homemakers – and that’s just great: every woman can choose for herself exactly how she wants to spend and enjoy her life.       

 SPECIAL NEEDS:  Still, the fact is, most women work today, and they have many special needs. Some needs are particular to the type of work done. Others are more generalized.  In any case, the accessories industry has a handsome and functional answer to practically any need encountered! 


For example, few items are as helpful to the working woman as a tote. It might carry high-heeled office shoes while she wears sneakers or loafers in commuting. It might also act as a fashionable lunch box, just right for a sandwich and soda.

                                 — Some totes are unusually luxurious, with couturier branding and expensive fabrications. But all totes don’t require a moneyed treatment.  Reasonably priced, lighthearted designs fit most work-a-day situations.


THE UBIQUITOUS SCARF:  Another essential fashion item for the working woman is a scarf, preferably a patterned scarf with an updated design. A patterned scarf adds a vibrant touch to basic clothing.  A scarf can fill in a low neckline for work, creating a conservative, politically correct office outfit. Yet, remove the scarf and voila! daring evening attire in an instant! 


Scarves are so versatile and are available today in a heady array of arty patterns and marvelous colors, from animal prints to florals, to abstracts.  Fall fashion collections were rampant with scarves used in dozens of ways: as belts, around the neck, draping the shoulders.  One ultra-chic cloth head wrap, for example, spiced with bejeweled long, stand-up feathers, literally glittered on the runway.  It was brilliant and it was …a scarf! 


FASHIONABLY SECURE:  Many institutions and manufacturing sites require employees to wear easy-to-see IDs to maintain security.  Lanyards were introduced some time ago, and these make for ease and comfort. 


Usually, lanyards are simply a long cord or ribbon necklace with a spring or lobster claw clasp to hold the company’s formal identity card.    These can be glamorized with a beaded or pearl chain which can replace, or mix with, the standard required lanyard.  After hours, the jeweled lanyard can be used to hold an iPod or cell phone or, more simply, keys. 

 — WOOF-WOOF: This last use is especially favored by dog-walkers, who simply throw on the lanyard when they hitch their dog to a leash:  it’s so much better to bring the house key, rather than hiding it under a rock!


And speaking of keys, can the working woman ever have enough key rings?  Try personalizing the key ring with an initial.  Better yet, make the initial rhinestones!


LET THERE BE LIGHT:  Big key rings eliminate the key-search, make them easy to locate in those huge luggage-size purses so popular with fashion-savvy females.  Attach a small flashlight to make it easy to set the key in the lock at night.  A clip will hang the key ring from a belt or secure it somewhere in or on the handbag.


King rings are no longer just functional items; they are beautiful, fashion pieces often regarded with the same appreciation as a piece of jewelry.  Women show them off all the time, everytime they reach into their handbags and take them out.  So…play the women’s game, and make them something worth seeing, touching, using!  


MONEY HOLD-UP:  Of course, the primary attachment for the bag is the Purse Hook.  What this decorative hanger does is suspend the handbag from, say, the tabletop in a restaurant.  This gives greater security for the bag, but it does much more than that.  According to Readers Digest, “a woman’s carryall gets parked in some nasty spots beneath the restaurant table…in a test for microbes, up to 10,000 bacteria per square inch were found on purse bottoms.”  

               —Yikes!  Never just drop your purse on the floor. Never. Never!  Purse hooks keep them microbe-safe and close at hand.  And these clever little holders come complete with a snug cloth container that fits easily in your bag without catching onto anything.


GETTING BETTER AND BETTER:  Another fun work-related gift is the motivational pin or bracelet.  One that says “Top Sales!” or “I’m the Best!” – or, for the homemaker, “#1 Mom,” – will give that extra lift to make her day sunshiny.  Make it a good day!

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