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Recently I had to dig through some old invoices to gather information for a customer doing vintage jewelry (EBay considers anything prior to 1990 as vintage).  The shocker was how much wholesale rhinestone jewelry prices have fallen since the eighties while all other fashion jewelry has dramatically increased.  That’s good news for retailers and their customers as we introduce new designs for fall because lavish rhinestone sets for holiday are half the price of what they would have been in the eighties. 


So let’s begin with the luxurious.  Holiday provides opportunity for dramatic rhinestone jewelry perhaps more than any other time of the year.  New arrivals include chokers with long cascades that form a bib creating extraordinary impact for balls and New Years Eve.  Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings remain the most popular with the most dramatic wholesaling under $30 while others make a major statement for wholesale prices under $20.  Any retailers located in areas where Mardi Gras is celebrated know the market for these lavish rhinestone sets isn’t over until the last Mardi Gras ball, which can be as late as the end of February. 


For the less daring moderate size fringe rhinestone sets provide ample sparkle for holiday without overpowering.  New fringe designs alternate domed stationary drops with longer cascade that move freely in the necklace.  Results are still impressive with more moderate size that many personalities find more comfortable. 




Of course not all rhinestone jewelry needs are balls.  For Homecoming, bridal, and other special occasions, there are trendy new designs with special appeal to the young.  These include more mix of shiny metals in the rhinestone jewelry designs.  An extraordinary new set creates a floral vining motif using flat metal with highly polished plated finish to create the wavy vine while rhinestones highlight it with flower blossoms and leaves. 



Even trendier is the harmony of rhinestones and box chain with multiple chains cascading down the front.  Everyone will enjoy this refreshingly new look, but the greatest appeal will be to the younger market.  These designs have a choice of gold or silver plating and are so different, you have to call them 21st century. 




For all that they say about dramatic size in current trends, brides still seem to gravitate to delicate designs.  New combinations of rhinestone and faux pearl give bridal jewelry a balance of sparkle and elegance while retaining the understated look brides prefer.  Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are definitely number one, but gold plating is available as this metal continues to pick up steam. 




Often apparel for holiday as well as bridesmaids are more suited for accessorizing with earrings than necklace sets.  New rhinestone and crystal earrings make a sparkly impact to fill these needs and crystals especially give colors to match gowns.  Earrings shown are graduated crystal hoops that come in colors.  Is anything in earrings more popular than hoops?



Finally on the fringe of rhinestone and crystal jewelry is crystal brooches.  What better time of the year for this fashion jewelry than holiday?  They can make a statement of apparel, hats, or even evening bags.  Recent searches on the internet reveal a strong consumer interest in marcasite so many new crystal brooches take a marcasite look.  But if this is not your look, choose from the wide selection of crystal brooches that can add color or make the impact statement you want. 


Many retailers have faced some struggles this summer with seasonal slow downs and rising gas prices.  Well the silver lining in the cloud is about to appear as gas prices begin to drop and we head into the best retail stretch of the year.  From September until next May everything from Holiday to prom, Valentines, Easter, and bridal (to name a few) happens and consumer needs will ring cash registers.  So chin up because hard times are behind us.

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