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Ever heard of those Horatio Alger stories that date back to the 1800s?  They were rags to riches tales about struggling people achieving success in the land of opportunity where streets were paved with gold.  They were success stories about the poor reaching success by drive and believing. 


Well in a time of worries about gas prices and recession, here’s a modern Horatio Alger-type story.  Everyone remembers Hurricane Katrina played out on television in their living room.  No one is unfamiliar with the misery and suffering.  Also everyone saw the heroism and outpouring of generosity.  But few saw the struggle of businesses that went on beneath the big picture.  We are concentrating on a segment here-fashion businesses.


Imagine the overwhelming helplessness felt by someone returning to find booth business and home flooded.  For businesses the only help was a slow coming SBA loan for the amount of the loss that had to be paid back.  But something happened that some think was magic and others Divine.  It goes back to the very roots-to the founding of the City in 1718.


New Orleans was a French Possession and the City inherited the Fleur-de-Lis as its emblem.  Before the hurricane, the Fleur-de-Lis graced the Convention Center and the helmets of The New Orleans Saints as well as many other public buildings, but received little attention in jewelry compared to alligators, crawfish, and tigers for the beloved LSU.  But when citizens returned to face devastation, they rallied around this city’s emblem like a rod of hope. 


Everyone felt compelled to own something with a Fleur-de-Lis from jewelry to accessories.  Suddenly devastated fashion businesses were in a scramble to find Fleur-de-Lis merchandise.  Manufacturers and wholesalers couldn’t meet demand in the frenzy of buying.  Hopeless retailers saw business boom to help rebuild their homes and businesses.  Family and neighbors meant more than personal gain and earnings spread to help them also. 



The frenzy has passed and the Fleur-de-Lis remains a steady time.  Every month new Fleur-de-Lis jewelry and accessories are added to our website to meet the steady needs of retailers. 


One major disaster that flooded three quarters of a city inspired a trend that spread nation-wide.  The June issue of Accessories Magazine highlights 75 years of the magazine’s existence with detailed pages on designers.  Visit it and you will see the Fleur-de-Lis on handbags.  A recent email from IN Style Magazine shows the work of designers that sell to the stars.  Look closely and you will see the Fleur-de-Lis inspiring some designs. 


But it is not the trend we are focusing on, but the resilience of the human spirit.  Think how small gas prices, election year hype, and recession talk are compared to total devastation from hurricanes and flooding.  Think how resilient the human spirit is that can overcome.

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