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Hat business can be glamorous, sophisticated, or trendy.  This is exciting business for headwear that makes a statement and we keep coming back to super widebrims, sophisticated sinamay hats, and trendy newsboys and fedoras on the blog.  But today we’re going to talk about bargains or practical straw hats that might seem boring.  Boring until we consider the high volume of sales these hats generate because they are so necessary in the summer heat. 


First think about functional hats that protect from the glaring sun.  These are not celebrity fashion, but needed hats for outdoor work and events.  Work can mean lifeguards, meter readers, highway crews, lawn service, or just doing your own gardening.  Most of these summer hats are straws that are even more durable than stylish hats and much cheaper.  The hat shown is bamboo and the shape is a lifeguard.  The wide brim provides abundant sun protection and durable construction means they can take a beating on the job.  Retailers for these wholesale hats go beyond fashion to convenience stores, lawnmower shops, boat launches, and garden shops.  Actually any business with customers that work in the sun can retail these straw hats. 


straw gambler hats 4 brim

Rush straw is another durable hat that protects from damaging sun rays at an inexpensive price.  Gamblers with a 4 inch brim even add some personality to a tough functional summer hat.  Chin straps keep the hat on the head in windy days.  This hat crosses the line to cover both work hats and casual headwear for fishermen, tourists, and outdoor company picnics.  The 4 inch brim changes the statement and sun protection provided by the hat.  Hardly anyone offers this headwear so take advantage of functional hats that really looks good by adding these gamblers to your inventory. 


rush straw hats with underbrim

Rush straws with under brims increase the sun protection and still offer attractive headwear.    The crown and brim have fabric on the underside that blocks sun rays that creep through the weave.  Pinch front design has a safari shape that expresses rugged individualism in functional headwear. 





cowgirl hats in colors

Beyond functional hats is stylish headwear that is bargain priced.  Fashion colors in crocheted toyo provide cowboy hats with feminine appeal that retail for under $10.00.  Wow!  Here are hats loaded with personality priced to blow out of accessory stores and tourist locations.  Gals from cheerleading squads to girls-night-out will find the sassy look and cheap price of these cowboy hats beyond buying resistance.  Add to the value shapeable brims that let everyone personalize the headwear and you have a winner. 



trendy ivy caps

What about the young market wanting trendy headwear?  Ivy caps rank in the top three hats that sell to the MTV crowd.  Ivy caps aren’t big on sun protection, but how cool they look on the heads of young adults!  Solid color or two-tone with that sportswear look so big with this age group really get attention when you add a bargain retail price.  A wholesale price of $3.75 gives retailers room while still providing a nice profit.  



quality ball caps

For the girl that likes a look with less risk, ball caps in the same materials and choices of solid color or two-tone make everyone feel comfortable without sacrificing style.  Is any headwear easier to wear than ball caps?  Now add style that matches active wear and you have something with a pricey look, and surprisingly low cost.  These hats and the ivy caps came in on a special buy that slashed the wholesale price nearly in half.  Retailers pay $2.75 for these cool caps so they can sell them at a price so low, it will look like a loss leader. 



summer mens Godfather hats

Now for cool men’s headwear-the Godfather for summer!  This debonair hat oozes with personality and has color choices that are conservative or get wild for the most daring.  Twisted toyo construction lets a breeze flow through the hat fro comfortable summer wear and the classic design can even step up to groomsmen headwear.  The big selling point is the $5.50 wholesale cost that give you room to provide a bargain and still make a profit. 




ladies red Godfather hats

But don’t think this hat has to sell to only men.  Historically women’s hats have been have been adaptations of men’s designs.  So place the red option on one of those fun-loving ladies that party in red hats and you have a sassy look they will love. 


With these kinds of values in headwear, you can forget about gas price woes because the cost of a couple of gallons can have customers leaving your shop ready for the summer heat in hats loaded with personality or straws that provide relief .

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