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In 1991 the US was in a recession and Estee Lauder made an interesting observation.  When high ticket sales fell off in department stores, lipstick sales increased.  The observation became known as “the lipstick effect” and the logic behind it is women don’t quit buying; they just buy lower priced items. 


There’s a “feel good” experience about buying something new and the right items at reasonable cost become irresistible.  Is this bad?  Hardly! A little happiness comes from buying small things as well as gift giving.  Even The Great Depression couldn’t stop this.  Anyone remember O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi?

wholesale Murano style jewelry

Well this is al good news for retailers and here are some trendy items that bring happiness with a retail price under $10.00.  First consider Murano style necklaces with pendants of striking beauty on trendy shear ribbon and waxed cord.  Wholesaling at $3.50, this fashion jewelry is irresistible as an impulse item.  The appeal extends to all age groups and the “feel good” experience comes from the customer buying something new for themselves or the happiness of buying a gift for another.   



Murano style glass rings

Something else new in Murano style glass jewelry is rings.  Gals love to pick through rings trying them on, and when the retail price is $5.00 or under, they’re hard to pass up.  A dozen rings with a tray is $24.00 wholesale and you have an instant display ready for business.   Everything you expect from Murano style glass including vibrant hues, suspended color, and sparkling islands of metallic particles is in these rings. 


wholesale hematite jewelry

Anyone that frequents outdoor events like flea markets has seen booths full of hematite.  Many believe hematite has a healing quality (including my wife) that relieves pain, especially arthritic pain.  Hematite has something for everyone.  Trendy hematite necklaces with pendants appeal to young trade while healing quality appeals to mature shoppers.  Nearly everything in hematite wholesales for $2.50 and under-which means impulse sales with a healthy profit margin.   



wholesale gemstone necklaces

Next, who would believe gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that retail under $10.00?  Most of these semi precious stones rank 7 on the Mohs scale (glass is about 5.5) so they are hard to cut and drill.  Yet numerous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have wholesale prices that allow you to retail them with an unbelievably low price tag.  Tiger’s eye, rose quartz, carnelian, crystal quartz, and even reconstituted turquoise are among them.  What a value for customers!



wholesale theme pendants

Finally theme pendants and earrings tug at customers’ hearts with an appeal they can’t resist.  “Best Brand” creates most in our line-this company is a leader in fashion jewelry quality.  Imagine this kind of work going into fashion jewelry-themes are stamped from thin sheets of metal and the backs are sealed for hollow, light weight fashion jewelry with impeccable detail.  Next they are plated, and sometimes antiqued and two-toned.  Wow! And most retail under $10.00.  Some shrewd retailers have used this fashion jewelry to make a healthy living every summer.  How can they provide this kind of quality at such a low price?


Relax! Provide some “feel good” fashion jewelry that will help others relax.  Turn off the nightly news and rest confidently knowing that fashion jewelry and accessories sailed through every recession for the last 25 years unscathed.  For blow by blow details see Fashion Jewelry, Fuel, and the Economy.

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