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In the fashion industry we always need to keep an eye on what’s coming, but we also have to take advantage of what’s happening now.  Sales statistics show wholesale casual hats are hitting their annual peak and it’s no wonder with the blistering hot temperatures of July.  We know that casual hats can add personality to a look, but the importance of hats intensifies when you add the summer heat.  So customers need casual hats NOW and we don’t want to miss any opportunities this summer.

 distressed cowboy hats

The wholesale casual hats shipping in highest volume are cowboy hats and wide brims.  That doesn’t mean that fedoras and newsboys aren’t good-it only means these casual hats are most important.  The distressed look in cowboys continues to be the dominant style everywhere except in the Northeast.  Distressed hats go through a process to achieve that well-worn look and distressed is selling well in both pinch front and pinch top (cattlemen) cowboy hats, with pinch front having a slight edge. 

 colored cowboy hats

Colors are also very good, although not as good as last year.  Dance teams, cheerleader squads, marching bands, and other groups prefer cowboy hats in colors.  An excellent purchase recently made that offers some wholesale cowboy hats at $5.50 and under is also spurring sales of colored cowboy hats.  For individual sales in your shop, black, white, and pink are the leading colors, but don’t forget red for the ladies in the society that loves their red hats.

 super wide brim casual hats

Now for wide brims-the swinger hats that women can pop on their heads for instant personality, not to mention sun protection.  The wider the brim, the better with this season’s fashion trends.  Super widebrims bring back that Gone-with-the-Wind look with all its nostalgic romanticism.  Floppy widebrims provide the sassy celebrity look that J-Lo reinvented.  Inexpensive swinger hats deliver headwear for impulse sales in beach and tourist locations while more classy causal hats make a strong fashion statement. 


Like cowboy hats, natural color is the first preference in wholesale wide brim hats.  Still white and ivory are so strong that every season it’s a challenge to keep inventory through the summer. 

 wholesale red hats

Don’t forget wide brim red hats because these ladies are a huge market and they often like plain red straw hats that they can decorate themselves.  The hat shown is number one-braid and sewn straw with good body, durable construction, and best of all an inexpensive price. 

 inexpensive straw hats

Finally there are the humble straw hats that almost seem boring-that is, until you consider the huge volume these wholesale hats rack up every year.  Most wholesale for $5.00 and under in tough rush straw and bamboo.  These are the workhorses of the summer hat business.  Whether you are a hardware store, fishing resort, convenience store, garden shop, or tourist location these tough hats are an easy sale for inexpensive sun protection.  They are definitely not a boutique item and won’t be found in fine department stores, but this is the inexpensive headwear with high sales volume that grabs the attention of tourists, fishermen, outdoor workers, or gardeners.  This is simply inexpensive sun protection.


Every retailer needs items to keep the cash register ringing, so don’t overlook what’s peaking right now-hats.

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