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Fashion jewelry is a parade of surprises with one gorgeous item after another.  These breath-taking items are the main characters steal the show.  But behind them is a supporting cast of basics that are frankly rather boring.  So boring that most retailers overlook them, but these basics in fashion jewelry drive customers to your shop because they’re needed items.  The boredom ends when you add the dollar signs to basics.

 wholesale hoop earrings

•1)      Hoop Earrings:  Maybe retailers have seen so many hoop earrings that they are fed up with them, but consumers can’t get enough of these ear bobs.  Designers are doing everything imaginable with hoops in both gold and silver plating and the earrings are everywhere in fashion and celebrity magazines.  This fashion jewelry is probably the first item scoffed up from your earring display so don’t fall victim to boredom-keep hoops stocked in both gold and silver plating. 

 wholesale chokers

•2)      Chokers:  How are customers going to wear a pendant without chokers or chains?  Pendants are major in fashion jewelry displays, but boring chokers rarely show up.  Capture your clientele and your competitions’ with a great selection of chokers.  Show customers all the fashion looks that changing chokers can create.  Then let them be the designer by experimenting themselves.  You will be the hero they return to for basics and for innovation. 


wholesale CZ earrings

•3)      CZ Stud Earrings:  Yes, the look of diamonds-they don’t blow the roof off, but this basic look is timeless.  This is fashion jewelry with simplicity that is nearest of kin to diamond studs, yet is too lackluster for most of your competition to consider.  Present cubic zirconia studs to your clientele in nice packaging and they have earrings that go with any outfit when they dress up.  Even shopping channels overlook this basic.  You gain a customer and your customers have the look of diamonds that keeps onlookers guessing. 


hand knotted faux pearls

•4)      Single Strand Faux Pearls:  Hand knotted glass pearls are the Cadillac in 6mm and 8mm faux pearls that provide realistic quality.  Add an enhancer, wear them simple, or make an understated statement for bridal-they provide basic simplicity that is always elegant.  Not only retailers overlook this absolute necessity in fashion jewelry, but even manufacturers.  Basic faux pearl necklaces have never faltered over our 23 years in business.  The biggest problem has always been keeping a manufacture excited about making them.  Hand-knotted glass pearls in lengths from 16 inch to 20 inch have timeless popularity, especially in 6mm and 8mm sizes. 


Keep basics in your line and build your business quietly on “must have” items that even the majors overlook.

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