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wholesale dress hats

New equals exciting in the fashion accessory business and hats have to be near the top of the list for innovation that stirs excitement.  Every season sees style changes and new palettes of colors.  Dress hats begin with Easter hats, church hats, and continue with derby hats. Fall brings felt hats and homecoming hats.  Let’s not forget bridal hats and elegant headwear for teas and garden parties.   



newsboy hat

Casual hats have even more surprises with straws for summer, wide brims, cowboy hats, and headwear that appeals to different age groups and markets.  Look at the newsboys and fedoras that brought a refreshing look to hats this summer with bright colors, pinstripes, and polka dots.  Celebrities are sporting these styles and young adults are drawn to them like a magnet.  Some styles even extend to mature customers such as red hats for the young at heart. 


blank dress hats


Hats are a bag of constant surprises, but some creative entrepreneurs make surprises of their own.  These are the few with talent for art and design that put their own vision into creations that no one else has thought of.  Our site provides blank hats that are untrimmed for the talented group.  Most popular are dress hats in polypropylene that provide the bodies.  Find several styles under dress hats.


pre-made hat trims

Some use pre-made trims we offer, which gives them a leap forward by saving time on sewing satin and horsehair.  Many hat trims simply glue to the blank and you have hat, band, and decoration at a considerable savings over decorated hats.




feather masks

The very innovative buy our feather masks and use the variety of feathers and colors at a low price.  Peacock, ostrich, coque, marabou, and biots have a wide selection of colors in our mask category and they can transform headwear into an elaborate work of art.  But it’s the milliner’s artistic eye and often addition of their won components that ends in a masterpiece. 


Words can’t describe the work they do so here is a peak at one talented designer’s work.  Visit Hats by Hazel who creates innovative dress hats with beauty and elegance that will take your breath.  Like many milliners, this is a one person operation that thrives on artistic talent.  I was very impressed and I am sure you will be.  How many of these cottage industries contribute to our economy!


Don’t feel bad if this riveting beauty is beyond your creative talents.  It’s beyond mine also.  So for us others do the design work and many hands assemble the hats that still impress our customers with their innovative looks and surprise of beauty.

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