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You’ve probably seen those old black and white movies with the folks in South Louisiana living in the swamp on houseboats.  Well, I live in South Louisiana and I am here to tell you it isn’t true.  Nevertheless, my son rented a houseboat and we’re heading for the swamp for the 4th of July.


But first I need some casual clothes (in larger sizes) so my wife and I head for the mall to do some shopping.  Turning in Old Navy is on the left and the parking lot is full.  Sears is straight ahead and no place to park.  Dillard’s, an anchor department store, is next to Sears and after parking it’s a long walk to the door.  


What are all these people doing here–gas prices, recession, tight money–they’re not supposed to be at the mall.  I’m puzzled, but guys shop fast so I got my (larger) jeans, checked out, and then headed to the jewelry section to see how we stacked against the department stores. 

 bangle bracelets

Facing the door is a huge sign announcing bangles with an abundant selection to pick from–just what Mary McGarry talked about in a recent blog.  The only style I saw our selection overlooked was carved bangles with a Bakelite appearance.  Hmmm…something we’ll have to add.



gemstone fashion jewelry

Next the showcases.  I have plenty of time because my wife is looking for something to wear to the swamp and women take forever to shop.  Gemstones–tons of designs with gemstones, especially turquoise and coral.  Wow! This is what is moving best for us and their showcases are full of these designs. 





fashion jewelry in bright colors

Sitting next to gemstones is vibrant color jewelry.  Terrific! Bright colors are also doing well in our line.  One impressive look was long strands of fossil beads in multicolor ovals–knock out–and something else we don’t have.  Another idea.  Gee, I’m glad I went to the mall!


Next Sunday go to the mall and lift your spirits by realizing how much shopping consumers are doing and how on target your selection is.  Some apparel stores are struggling, but accessory stores can rejuvenate apparel at an affordable price and provide the “feel-good” experience that something new brings.  (Stay tuned and I may post some pictures from the swamp.)

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