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Wholesale cowboy hats pick up steam every summer, but some wonder if fashion has passed this American icon by.  Not hardly!  Statistics still have wholesale cowboy hats leading all headwear categories for the summer. 


Think about this.  Major brands spend mega bucks on Fifth Avenue advertising agencies to promote their products.  The advertising agencies know what’s cool and they’re showing lots of models in this sassy headwear because it makes a statement.  What other hat can deliver the individualism and attitude of a cowboy hat? 

 distressed cowboy hats

The main cowboy hats to pay attention to this summer are distressed straws with rolled brims.  No doubt this headwear gives instant personality to a look.  Raffia is the first choice in straw because it’s light weight and flexible.  Distressing gives the well–worn look like people want in faded jeans.  Beaded bands are gaining in strength this summer and the favorite style is a pinch front. 



straw cowboy hats

Natural straws are a close second in cowboy hats.  The word “country” carries some emotional impact that people love and natural straws puts the emotion into a look.  These cowboy hats suit a lot of personalities with all the styles available.  Rolled brims, frayed brims, pinch front, or cattleman shape with pinch top-any way you do these cowboy hats they scream with rugged individualism and personality. 



cowboy hats with color

Next cowboy hats in colors give a real edge to retailers because competition is probably short here.  Sales reports on wholesale hats shipping show black and white lead the colors.  Next in popularity are pink and red.  Ladies that love their red hats find the youthful look of red pinch front cowboy hats irresistible.  Women of any age can find fashion colors in these hats that include turquoise, lime, and fuchsia.  Colors are great for groups also like cheerleaders or dance groups. 


cowgirl hats with roses

Cowgirls can also find unique styles to fit their personalities–fashion colors that fade from dark to light, rose appliqués, and sparkly cowboy hats with sequin studding.  Imagine these on a dance group, cheerleading squad, or girls out for a bachelorette party. 



urban cowboy hat

Then there are the unique cowboy hats that deliver the urban cowboy look or ruggedness of leather cowboy hats. 


Summer is the time for this American icon and nothing –no nothing– can deliver this kind of personality to an outfit.  Even outside the country retailers are buying and selling wholesale cowboy hats because of the rugged Wild West spirit they romantically inspire.

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