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“I’m open to everything.  When you start to criticize the times you live in,


your time is over.”               KARL LAGERFELD


ALERT!  ALERT1 Electric summer colors are already penetrating denim offerings, exploding on the youthbright color bracelets scene in vibrant tones of sunny orange, lime green, lemon yellow, baby blue and pink.  And you can bet these jeans aren’t likely to be paired with drab tops and jackets.  What this means is that all the colors of summer jewelry, with maybe the exception of pure white, are, surprise! now online for Fall as well. This exceptional season’s jewelry. however, has to be heavier, bigger, super colorful and imposing…at the neck, on the arms/hands, on the ears, and accenting the waist.  So mark summer styles and color down as majors this year, both for hot season and influencing the later, cooler months, as well.


RIGHT NOW, there is plenty happening under the sun.  Check out this hot list for Summer 2008:


  •  Flip Flops – Higher price points for flip flops ultra models, plus special features like cash stash hideaways, drainage holes for beachgoers. Lots of costly designs here, gemstone embellishments, and the like.  
  • Hair bands for asymmetrical, flattering silhouettes, and spiky feather hair clips  
  • Hip silver jewelry to raunch up teens’ summer denim outfits. Look for plenty of movement, even biker styles. 
  • Fabric totes – unusual sales appeal: Many done in vibrant floral patterns.
  • Others sporting fun statements and graphics.  Color is huge here. 
  • Sunglass wardrobes: more IS more. The big idea now is to offer specs to match every ensemble, the right lens size, the right colors, the right look. All polarized of course. 
  • Wide brimmed floppy hats, some with SPF sun protection woven in the fabric. Don’t forget those adjustable chin straps for beach breeze security. 
  • Ornate oversized tassel necklaces, huge chunky rings, hoop earrings in graduated sizes, from small through huge.


 ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Election selection!  It’s the big season that comes once every four years, andAmericana jewelry plastic 2008 Obama and McCain pins are popping up everywhere.  Go a step beyond, to handsome Americana pins/clips,  American flag lapel tack pins, jubilant donkey or elephant pins, colorful  red/white/blue Americana bracelets, pendants, earrings-lots to choose from!


REINCARNATION:  Punk looks return in luxe, smoky gauze, chiffon, black tights, lots of zippers, chains, silk blouses, leather miniskirts, lace gloves, pearls, beads, diamonds, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.  Yes, punk!  It’s an attitude.  This time around, it’s lavish.


CHARM BRACELET APPEAL: Prepare to be charmed, once again.  The traditional charm bracelet is back, incharm bracelets newly fresh form, and more popular than ever.  While charms dangled from a link bracelet in the past, today’s models are threaded bracelets with exquisite charm beads, spacers and locks.   Some of the bracelets are in gold or sterling silver and include charms with embedded precious and semi-precious stones; others are silver or gold plated, with equally enchanting gemstone-embedded charms, albeit of the faux variety.


One fine jewelry manufacturer bills his charm bracelets as original works of art, and makes them out of only the best materials such as  Murano glass, natural pearls, amber and a variety of semi-precious stones. But whatever the price category, the new charm bracelet idea is  to look rich and have a certain cache.   



GETTING HITCHED…OR STAYING FREE:  Is the huge Bridal Market in trouble?  A recent study by the National Marriage Project says that marriage in the USA declined almost 20 percent from 1995 to 2005, which doesn’t sound good. .  But don’t get too upset.  The report also points out that while cohabitation has become an accepted alternative lifestyle, the United States remains the most marrying country of all western European and Scandinavian nations, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  So strike up “Here Comes the Bride.” This is a lucrative market – ringing in at $71 billion annually, with jewelry representing $14 billion of that total.  Not bad! 


MAJORS NOW IN THE BRIDAL MARKET:           Chandelier earrings, in pearl and rhinestone.  Still plenty of rhinestone earringssilver here, but with an emphasis on tradition, the Bridal Market is veering back toward gold.  Themes are strongly nature-oriented.  Also look for freshwater pearls in multi-colors, as well as plenty of filigree work in all jewelry pieces. 



Vintage styles bring in a strong traditional tone to the wedding collection.  Think bracelets and necklaces in silver and gold, embedded with gemstones – faux or real – giving lots of flash to the wedding march.  Rhinestones are a wedding must, in exquisite dangling earrings and in signature necklaces that give an aura of Russian nobility to any modern-day bride.

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