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Browse through the malls and specialty shops and it quickly becomes apparent that an affordable selection of evening bags in colors and styles is hardly anywhere to be found.  What an advantage for retailers that offer selection in evening bags, especially this month for June brides. 


This summer is the season of bright colors and matching evening bags took off with prom dresses andevening bags in bright colors continue with cocktail dresses and bridesmaid dresses.  Colors that never received a thought last summer are hot in this season’s palette-red, orange, yellow, turquoise, and apple green to name a few.  Add some color to your evening bag selection and the impact will catch the attention of shoppers.



classic evening bags


Evening bags are about elegance and this is the top selling point for most customers.  Think timeless design that appeals in every era and that is classic elegance.  These evening bags have universal age appeal and work for every formal occasion and after 5 event including dressing up to dine out. 



leatherette evening bags

Leatherette evening bags with that soft shiny leather look has been coming on strong.  This style appeals especially to the young and makes a great presentation with the basic colors like black, white, gold, and silver.  Pewter and bronze are also superb, but when they go to brights like red and apple green, the results are fabulous.   



elongated evening bags


Long evening bags have been making a statement in formal accessories for the last three seasons.  The forties look introduced elongated evening bags a few seasons ago and this shape has been important ever since.  Styles in nearly everything from classic to leatherette will offer some options in elongated evening bags, which are too important to ignore this summer.  The style appeals to the young as well as the mature market and is a favorite as bridesmaid bags.


Evening clutches receive a lot of raves in the fashion magazines with oversize clutches beievening clutchesng a hot trend this summer.  Wholesalers respond with an increased variety of clutches while they are at the top of their popularity.  Most have tuck-away shoulder straps or handles for hands free use.  Today’s selection has a full spectrum of colors and materials to please all the consumers’ tastes. 


bridal bag

Bridal bags have year round demand with white and ivory most important.   Brides prefer delicate feminine looks, but colors are big as bridesmaid bags and this is a popular bridesmaid gift with today’s bridal parties.  Many evening bags have white and ivory as color options, even in styles that feature brights and metallic colors.    


Evening bags are a necessity for formal events or just an evening out, yet selection is very limited in the retail world.  Major events continue year round to drive sales, starting with holiday and then prom plus bridal that never ends.  In addition there are endless smaller events like balls, theatre, dining out, and church functions that call for a dressier look that includes evening bags.  So give consideration to this low competition market that has buying demand based on need rather than whimsical purchases.

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