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Page through a pageant magazine today and the dramatic earrings jump out at you.  You get the same experience with bridal magazines so in formal wear dazzling big earrings are definitely important.  Today let’s look at some new crystal jewelry that fills the bill. 

 New jewelry designs arrive every week at Accessory Wholesale Inc. so we get a little insensitive to the beauty of recent developments. But a new arrival in crystal earrings even took our breath, and they’re just the thing for dramatic baubles. 

 One impressive design in crystal earrings uses dramatic drops that definitely show vintage inspiration.    ACrystal drop earrings large flat back stone glistens in the center seemingly suspended in open air with an outer border shimmering with smaller crystals.  Tiny leaves blend into the border and a choice of five colors means these earrings can match nearly anything.  Clear even works for bridal.



More excitement comes from dramatic ovals with a teardrop dangling below–definitely Victorian.  FineVictorian style crystal earrings filigree frames add significantly to the vintage look.  Antique gold or silver plating provides different looks and again there are color choices. 




Dazzling color radiates from another design in this crystal earring family.  Again the earrings make a statement,wholesale crystal earrings but this time more elegant with a pear-shaped crystal that is capped dropping from a small marquis-shaped crystal top.  A filigree border gives the feminine lacey look and colors include vitrail, which has changing peacock colors as light hits the crystals from different angles. 


This is some of the excitement this season brings for pageant and June brides.  Dramatic earrings need to be an option this year in formal and bridal accessories.  Colors will match bridesmaid dresses to make a 2008 statement for weddings.  Now catch your breath because the next few blogs will take you through more gorgeous jewelry and accessories to please your June bride customers.

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