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A relaxing Sunday evening of flipping through the TV channels sent me to work on Monday morning with four new things to worry about that I couldn’t do anything about. Doom and gloom glues people to the TV set and sells newspapers.  How different from the fashion jewelry and accessory industry that is a “feel good” business.  No wonder women love to shop.

 Part of the fun is creating new looks and that can be a big savings to customers also.  Vibrant colors arebringt color necklace set definitely part of summer fashion, but it doesn’t require a new wardrobe.  Shoes, belts, hats, handbags and especially jewelry can give a splash of this season’s color to nearly all of last year’s outfits hanging in the closet. 


Fashion jewelry can add impact with a statement piece.  A bold necklace can deliver the color in a major way, but let it be the focus piece surrounded by smaller earrings and bracelets.  Then it isn’t overdone or gaudy. 


Wonderful creativity can take pace this season because colors, platings, and textures don’t have to match.  Look at In Style Magazine and see how well red shoes go with a yellow handbag.  Mixing bright colors makes a statement that works.  Also mixed metals and platings go together when combining necklaces and bracelets.

 Making this work, especially with colors, takes spatial relationship.  Large bright earrings work better with a bright cuff or bangle bracelet than a bold bright necklace so there is space between the impact jewelry just as the handbag and shoes have space. 

 Don’t make the statement too “hit you in the face”.  Soften the impact with apparel that cooperates. Foroarange necklace set example, a light salmon top with a coral orange necklace.

 Jewelry can deliver other themes besides bright color in summer fashion trends.  Globalization brings tribal themes and ethnic prints to apparel.  Woods, patina, and gemstone in earth tones can pick these themes up.  Floral jewelry can bring alive the floral print theme.  You save a customer money by accessorizing the apparel in her closet. When she gets that first sincere compliment, she will trust your judgment and be back.

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