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Ever notice how the fashion industry never lives in the “now”?  It’s always what’s the next hot item?  What are next season’s trends?  What’s the economy going to do?  I’m guilty too!  Yes, we have a preview of fall jewelry coming out soon.  But today let’s take time to smell the roses.


Summer is just beginning so let’s enjoy what we have, but first let’s put to rest all those jitters distracting us.  The polar bears are probably all right-some states set new low temperature records in May and The Canada Free Press is taking about a year of global cooling.  That terrifying “recession” word takes two quarters of negative growth and we haven’t experienced the first one yet.  Gas prices are costing the average family the price of dining out once a week.  World consumption is 87 million barrels a day and production is 85 million.  That seems an easy fix and the Asian Times writes the bubble is about to burst on prices.  Do we have to beat last year’s figures?  No, we just need to be profitable. 


Now for the bright side.  Jewelry and accessories are bold and bright right now.  That is fertile ground for fashion jewelry and accessories.  This is Saturday so don’t make me go get all those pictures and links to show you what I mean.  OK, maybe only a few.


The picture shows bold jewelry that really makes a statement and only fashion jewelry delivers it.  The lookbold fashion jewelry is classic, it’s gorgeous, and it’s on customers’ shopping lists. 






Now thumb through In Style Magazine and the bright colors jump out at you.  Fine jewelry doesn’t give youbright color jewelry these vibrant colors and they are really “in” this summer.  You got it! Only fashion jewelry delivers this color.




OK, you feel good about everything, but your customers are wringing their hands.  Even during The Great Depression women were buying.  It is a great honor that in my lifetime I knew Gus Stearn.  He survived selling wholesale fashion jewelry during The Great Depression in Dallas and became an icon for the industry in that city. 


Department stores talk about the “lipstick effect”.  Basically this amounts to women don’t quit buying, they just buy lower priced items like “lipstick”.  No problem for the average boutique or accessory store because the business can flow from luxury items to them. 


Accessory Wholesale started in Louisiana in 1985-two years after the oil bust in Louisiana sent some oil-dependent cities in the state into depression-type unemployment.  This is long before the internet provided worldwide exposure.  Business grew every year and was not impacted by the economy, but by fashion trends.  When the natural look in the mid-nineties took hold, jewelry was minimal and business was horrible.  At the same time the news was announcing the economy is great.  Well now the scene is set for successful business with bold looks and bright colors.  So put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the “now”.

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